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REGYMEN Fitness Targets the Southeast for Continued Franchise Development

On the heels of its partnership with Canadian fitness franchise Goodlife Fitness, REGYMEN Fitness is looking to continue to expand to new locations in cities throughout the Southeast.

REGYMEN Fitness is ready to grow. 

The boutique fitness brand uses technology to help its clients achieve their fitness goals through its three core programs — Burn, Box and Build. Founded in 2017 by industry experts E.K. Navan, Donnie Jarreau and Troy Archer, the brand has made a name for itself in nine states across the U.S. and Canada and is looking to expand that footprint even further to new cities throughout the Southeast. 

With 22 locations already open or in development, REGYMEN Fitness has its sights set on Atlanta; Dallas; Orlando; Charlotte, North Carolina; Charleston, South Carolina; Jacksonville, Florida; Birmingham, Alabama; Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina and South Florida as its next target growth markets for Q4 and beyond. And, with existing brand presence in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Texas already, the expansion to new territories within those states only makes sense. 

“Our development team has plans for areas across the U.S. We’re hoping to build a stronger presence in states where people are already familiar with our brand and know what to expect from our programs and facilities,” said Navan. “It’s thanks to our existing franchisees that we already have such a well-established reputation, and we’re excited to help members in new markets work toward their lifestyle goals.”

REGYMEN’s partnership with Canadian fitness brand Goodlife Fitness speaks to the success of its recent growth endeavors. Over the next five years, REGYMEN Fitness locations will open inside of existing Goodlife Fitness studios in key Canadian markets including Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary. For a brand that’s just three years old, a partnership with a marketplace leader like Goodlife will establish REGYMEN as a prime contender in the boutique fitness space.

But what is it that makes REGYMEN stand out among the rest? REGYMEN has plans to introduce “REGYMEN On Demand,” which allows its members to complete daily workouts on their own within the studio while scheduled classes are not taking place. And, as a way to ease members’ safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, REGYMEN also offers REGYMEN LIVE, which allows them to stream curated workouts designed to maximize the at-home workout experience. Together, these add-ons services and the brand’s Burn, Box and Build programs make REGYMEN a key competitor in the boutique fitness space and a prime investment opportunity.

Additionally, REGYMEN Fitness benefits from an adaptable model that has allowed it to successfully pivot during the changing health and safety protocols amid the pandemic. Jedd Soto, a REGYMEN franchisee in Austin, said that the process of opening a studio during the pandemic has been a challenge, but, with support from the corporate level, he’s felt confident the whole way through.

“We’ve been working closely with the corporate team. The leadership has been fantastic throughout the entire COVID-19 crisis,” said Soto. “REGYMEN’s team has been helping negotiate leases and developing the strategy for online and at-home workouts, and they’ve even been setting up deals to purchase equipment. They have been on the front lines of that and execute very strong communication to help us reach out to members however we can during the crisis. It’s really been exceptional.”

Nevan says that REGYMEN franchisees deserve much of the credit for the brand’s continued success during the pandemic.

“We want to convey to current and future members that we’re taking the conditions of the pandemic very seriously,” said Navan. “When our franchisees succeed in gaining the trust of community members to keep them safe in our studios, that’s when we find the opportunity to reach more people and help them meet their health and fitness goals.”

The REGYMEN Fitness brand is on the pulse of changing fitness trends, which allows it to always meet its members’ needs. Plus, its membership-based business model has low staffing requirements, is easy to scale and promotes a steady stream of recurring revenue for its franchisees.

“It’s hard-working franchisees like Jedd that make growing the REGYMEN so promising and exciting. I’m certain that with the interest of more dedicated owners like him we’ll be able to grow successfully in more cities throughout the Southeast.”

The startup costs for a REGYMEN Fitness franchise range from $299,500 to $770,500. The franchise fee is $49,500. To learn more about franchising with REGYMEN Fitness, visit