REGYMEN Fitness Brings Program To YMCA Members Who Want To Take Control Of Their Health
REGYMEN Fitness Brings Program To YMCA Members Who Want To Take Control Of Their Health

Together, they are helping YMCA members burn calories, monitor heart rates and achieve great results.

REGYMEN Fitness, the franchise that is disrupting the fitness industry with fun, energy-infused workouts backed by exercise science, is now raising the bar for what YMCA members thought was possible.

REGYMEN Fitness’s is licensing to participating YMCA’s a tailored to meet the needs of the YMCA community. The program is already being implemented in five locations, keeping YMCA members engaged longer and bridging the gap between traditional workouts and the forward-thinking direction the wellness centers are headed in.

“We are extremely honored to be working with the YMCA. It’s so well-respected and an icon in the health and wellness sector. To be partnered with them is very exciting for us, and we’re thrilled to be involved in more communities across the country,” said Edward Navan, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of REGYMEN Fitness.

For this partnership, REGYMEN Fitness has designed its programming to be held in just one room. This programming includes the BURN program, a high-intensity mixture of cardio and strength training; BOX, which includes weights, cardio and agility as well as stress-melting punching and kicking; and BUILD, which is focused more on strength training and fat burning and less on cardio. Each of these flagship workouts blasts through calories and include the brand’s signature—and crucial—heart rate monitoring for maximum results.

Group fitness classes are a staple of the YMCA, so REGYMEN was automatically a great fit. What REGYMEN Fitness brings is a new level of engagement and education. “We’re adding some variety while engaging in the YMCA culture. It is a nonprofit, with a lot of community influence. By offering education to members with our heart rate platform, which includes heart rate monitoring, calorie burning and fitness education, we hope to add value to that nonprofit model,” Navan said.

Each group consists of 12 to 24 people of all ages and fitness levels. Navan said one of the most exciting aspects of this new partnership is the opportunity for broader public education that’s useful across all demographics.

“That’s why heart rate is important,” emphasized Navan. “A 70-year-old can train next to a 20-year-old, and science tells us if they need to speed up or slow down.”

Members are given individual target zones to aim for, and guidance on how to increase their heart rate and how to recover. “Heart rate training by itself can be very powerful. People get information in real time,” said Navan. “If you’re tired, and your heart rate is high, you know it’s correct. If you’re sluggish, and your heart rate’s not high, you know you have more to give.”

When the YMCA approached REGYMEN Fitness about a potential partnership, the fitness brand jumped at the chance. “It’s a great organization to work for. They’re working to evolve with the times,” said Navan. “Our whole idea is becoming part of that cultural fabric of the YMCA community.”

In February 2018, the YMCA of South Hampton Roads in Virginia officially launched RF “Bringing REGYMEN to our centers gives us the opportunity to provide our members with a program that offers the latest in fitness trends with heart rate monitoring technology and HIIT workouts in a group personal training environment,” said Jillian Kelly, REGYMEN Director at the YMCA of South Hampton Roads. “This type of programming allows all fitness levels to work out together and push each other to new fitness levels. We are excited to watch the program grow and see our association reach new heights in the health and fitness industry.”

In the first year, the program has since expanded to five total locations across multiple states. “We’re getting a lot of inquiries,” said Navan. “Once you get a program in—and it’s difficult to get into the YMCA—once you get in and perform well, they all talk to each other, and that’s how we grow.”

Navan said REGYMEN Fitness has loved watching the YMCA and its members embrace programming. “Together, we’re changing the perception of what a YMCA can offer. We have proven this type of programming can work and help people realize they can really work out this way and achieve great results,” he said. “We’re surpassing what people think is possible for themselves.”

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