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Finance Expert Turned Home Flipper Signs on to Open Denver’s First Renovations Sells

Jason Maier will open three territories in Colorado with the help of his wife, an interior designer.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 7:07AM 01/11/22

Renovation Sells, the Chicago-based remodeling franchise, is continuing to appeal to savvy entrepreneurs across the country following the pandemic-fueled housing market boom. In fact, the brand recently signed five new franchise owners in just one week for locations across five states. One of these recently-signed owners is financial industry expert and passionate home flipper Jason Maier, who is supported by his interior designer wife to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship in the real estate world. 

The Road to Renovation Sells

Maier always had a passion for real estate projects, but working full-time in corporate America meant he never had the time to pursue it. When the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the opportunity to take a voluntary separation package from his corporate job in the financial industry, he took it to explore opportunities for business ownership in the home renovation market. 

“One of the biggest reasons I left was because I simply wasn’t happy in corporate America,” said Maier. “I didn’t enjoy having multiple bosses over me, all of whom had different ideas on how things should be done. I was always thinking, ‘What else is out there? Would I be happy being my own boss?’ My wife, who is an interior designer, and I had always discussed flipping houses but while working full-time, neither of us had the drive to.”

With his newfound freedom, Maier decided to try his hand at flipping houses. But after flipping his first home, Maier realized that the market was too saturated with buyers and decided to pivot once again. With a passion for home construction and design, Maier decided to look into franchising after being introduced to the concept by his brother-in-law.

“My brother-in-law connected me with the franchise broker, and that’s the first time I really even considered franchising,” said Maier. “Franchising wasn’t a concept I was familiar with, and to be honest, I had a somewhat negative perception of it before learning more. Once I began talking with the consultant, I discovered what a vast industry it was, and it became a really attractive opportunity. The thought of being my own boss became more and more appealing, but I knew I didn’t have the background to go off and open a business on my own.”

All that was left to do was find the right concept. When Maier discovered the emerging home renovation brand, Renovation Sells, he knew he had found his match.

“Renovation Sells really stood out to me as a business model because it tied exactly into what I was doing while flipping houses,” said Maier. “Before I even went to Discovery Day, I pitched the concept to a few friends who are realtors in the Denver market, and they all were excited because it’s a need in the market that hasn’t been met. I’ll be providing a service that isn’t offered right now. Realtors all have stagers, house cleaners, painters and contractors to do major work, but none offer cosmetic services. I get to do something I love while fulfilling a need in the market.”

Maier officially signed to become Colorado’s first Renovation Sells franchisee and will open his three territories at the end of this month.

How Renovation Sells Was Built to Position Franchisees for Success

Michael Valente, one of the co-founders of Renovation Sells, was inspired to start the company after feeling burnt out from his experience as a general contractor and a licensed realtor. After completing more than 500 client construction projects in his career, mostly in the luxury market, he became frustrated with the pile-up of last minute requests and demands that ate away at his time and his budget. 

“Renovation Sells’s business model is built for efficiency and client satisfaction in an industry notorious for lengthy, over-budget projects and overall frustration,” said Valente. “Where most rehab companies take on custom projects with fickle homeowners looking to upgrade their houses for their own families, Renovation Sells instead focuses exclusively on pre-sale renovations, delivering high-impact cosmetic improvements executed to maximize speed and minimize costs. Working with real estate agents (and their clients) to offer a turn-key solution — including design, project management and financing — to easily and quickly make their listings in line with the needs of millennial buyers.”

Since the business began in 2017, residents have increasingly expressed an interest in the brand’s services, and as the pandemic continues to move people to suburban areas, Renovation Sell’s potential is only growing. As a result, the brand has been catching the eye of savvy investors like Maier who are interested in helping the brand expand through franchising to new areas.

“Not only was I getting in on the ground floor and able to choose a preferred territory that wasn’t available with some other brands, but I truly believe in the concept and vision that Mike and Amanda Valente have,” said Maier. “I have a lot of trust in the brand and believe it has what it takes to get to the next level and appreciate how transparent leadership is. I feel like my voice is heard, and I’m able to provide my input with suggestions in order to make this business succeed.”

Why the Time Has Never Been Better to Join Renovation Sells

Looking ahead, as more and more millennial homebuyers flood the market and look for move-in-ready homes, Renovation Sells franchisees have the lucrative opportunity to fill this widening gap by leveraging the brand’s in-house design expertise, streamlined business model, exceptional support infrastructure and thriving network of real estate agents. Best of all, the Renovation Sells business model is designed to succeed in any market.

“For Renovation Sells, the most successful partners tend to be highly motivated individuals like Jason Maier who come with a passion for design or real estate,” said Valente. “We are thrilled to welcome Jason on the team and are confident he will be the perfect franchisee to bring Renovation Sells to Colorado for the first time. With Renovation Sells, the sky's the limit, and a lot of homes need a lot of updating before being listed for sale. We are always looking for hungry, motivated people who are interested in tapping into that demand.”

Investments for franchise opportunities in the home renovation space can soar well over $200,000. The initial investment to franchise with Renovation Sells ranges from $78,208 to $101,142, including a $50,000 franchise fee making it much lower than most competitors. For more information, please visit:

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