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Why This Consulting Expert and High School Teacher Invested in Renovation Sells

After renovating their own home and recognizing a growing need for pre-sale renovations, Scott and Rachel Migli decided to invest in the franchise and open two territories in the booming Charleston, South Carolina real estate market.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 01/12/22

As the pandemic-fueled housing market boom catches the attention of more and more entrepreneurs, Chicago-based remodeling franchise Renovation Sells recently signed five new franchise owners in just one week for locations across five states. Two of those new franchisees, Scott and Rachel Migli, have partnered with the brand to tap into the red-hot real estate market in their community of Charleston, South Carolina. 

Scott comes from a background in campaign politics and started his own consulting firm 15 years ago, which handles grassroots organizing for corporations. Rachel works in education as a high school teacher in the Charleston area. When the duo originally moved to Charleston a year ago, they began looking into the idea of investing in another business. Although Scott already had experience starting a business from scratch, he found himself drawn to the franchising industry.

“Rachel and I wanted something we could do together, and I was approached by a friend who deals with franchising,” said Scott. “If you are going to invest in something, it is great to invest in yourself, and that is what franchising allows you to do. We are empty nesters, and the nice thing about franchising is that everything is already in place for you. As we get older, it is nice to have the processes, the knowledge and the support already established, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.”

When the Miglis discovered Renovation Sells, Scott says they loved the streamlined business model, which didn’t require a large number of employees or expensive equipment. Additionally, they were impressed by the Renovation Sells leadership team and knew they would be supported in every aspect of their business.

“Renovation Sells’ business model is built for efficiency and client satisfaction in an industry notorious for lengthy, over-budget projects and overall frustration,” said co-founder Michael Valente. “Where most rehab companies take on custom projects with fickle homeowners looking to upgrade their houses for their own families, Renovation Sells instead focuses exclusively on pre-sale renovations, delivering high-impact cosmetic improvements executed to maximize speed and minimize costs. Working with real estate agents (and their clients) to offer a turn-key solution — including design, project management and financing — to easily and quickly make their listings in line with the needs of millennial buyers.”

And as more and more millennial homebuyers look for move-in ready homes, sellers of older properties will increasingly be looking for pre-sale renovation services. Renovation Sells franchisees like the Miglis have the lucrative opportunity to satisfy this demand by leveraging the brand’s in-house design expertise, streamlined business model, exceptional support infrastructure and thriving network of real estate agents. 

“After I had read about Renovation Sells, I spoke to a lot of realtors and contractors in our area, and they loved the idea,” said Scott. “From that standpoint, it was very exciting. We had also just redone our home here, and we enjoyed making things look great again. A lot of homes show wear overtime, and it is a good feeling walking out of something and seeing it shiny and brand new.” 

In addition, Scott says the Charleston real estate market was particularly primed for Renovation Sells’ unique offering. “People want move-in ready homes, and the good part about this market is that a lot of first-time homebuyers and professionals are moving into the area and can’t necessarily afford million-dollar homes,” he said. “That is why a lot of those young professionals invest in some of the older homes, which need cheaper upgrades but have the potential to allow them to live happily and comfortably.”

Looking ahead, the Miglis have invested in two territories and are interested in expanding throughout the Carolinas with Renovation Sells in the future.

“We are thrilled to welcome Scott and Rachel to the team and are confident they will be the perfect franchisees to bring Renovation Sells to South Carolina for the first time,” said Valente. “Renovation Sells is designed to work in every market across the country, and that is why the sky's the limit — there are a lot of homes that need a lot of updating before being listed for sale. We are always looking for hungry, motivated people who are interested in tapping into that demand.” 

Investments for franchise opportunities in the home renovation space can soar well over $200,000. The initial investment to franchise with Renovation Sells ranges from $78,208 to $101,142, including a $50,000 franchise fee making it much lower than most competitors. For more information, please visit:

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