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Franchisee Spotlight: Katherine Lee Keith of Right at Home

Franchisee Katherine Lee Keith has spent her career helping others, making Right at Home the perfect fit for her as a new business venture.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSORED 4:16PM 02/09/17

Kilmarnock resident Katherine Lee Keith is opening her Right at Home business in early February.

Having conquered her own battle with breast cancer and witnessing her brother, a former track and field coach at Vanderbilt University, undergo a stem cell transplant for leukemia, Keith understands the benefits that in-home care provides.  

Having successfully co-founded The Howard Gardner School in Alexandria and starting her own small nonprofit, My Grandmother's House, which provides items for families in need, Keith began looking for a business she could add to The Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula territory.

While her daughter worked in the home care industry, Keith decided to do some research of her own and came across Right at Home. She soon realized her core values — commitment to the community, taking responsibility to improve the lives of others, and respecting all relationships — matched the organization’s principles, and knew she wanted to join the team as a franchisee. 

Elaborate on your background:

I received my master’s degree in counseling at George Washington University, and I have been a school counselor most of my life. I co-founded The Howard Gardner School in Alexandria. It is a small independent school serving grades six through12 and specializes in environmental science and the arts. Our mission is to help non-traditional learners use their unique strengths to thrive academically, intellectually and emotionally. After 10 years of being principal, I retired and started a small nonprofit called My Grandmother’s House, which provides families with supplies and equipment. In its first year, we provided approximately $50,000 in diapers, new cribs and car seats, gently used clothing, and other equipment.

Years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I understand the desire to remain independent. Now that I am in remission, I look back and am extremely grateful for the help that I did have.

Three years ago my brother, who was the head coach for track and field at Vanderbilt University at the time, was diagnosed with leukemia. After he received a stem cell transplant, the school insisted that he have a caregiver. My family and I were able to experience how much a caregiver truly can help everyone who is involved. During that time, I was able to help as much as I could, which gave me insight into how hard and meaningful the work of a caregiver is.

How did you hear about Right at Home and why did you choose to get involved?

My daughter was working for another home care agency between college and grad school and I started to do some research. I wanted to learn more about the everyday life of a caregiver. I reached out to caregivers in the area and became extremely motivated, realizing I could start a home care agency built on the same values we built The Howard Gardner School on.

Right at Home believes in commitment to the community, responsibility to improve the lives of others, and the importance of respect in all relationships. Those are the qualities I take pride in on a daily basis. Plus, I found that Right at Home’s entire team truly cares for whom they are providing care as well as their caregivers. It was a perfect match for me. 

What ties do you have with your local community and how do you plan to serve the community with your new business?

We have been visiting the area for years. We fell in love with the community, but it wasn’t until we moved here that we realized the richness of the community. It is an area with a desire to help those in need and ensure everyone is taken care of. 

Through my work with My Grandmother’s House, I have been able to work with many organizations in the area and have met many people who I believe will be interested in getting involved with Right at Home.

What’s next for you and your business?

At this time, we have a large territory and are expecting to grow quickly. But we want to ensure this location sees as much success as it can before we take on another location.

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