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Why Right at Home was the Right Choice

57-year-old franchisee was ready to be his own boss and help the community.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 10/13/15

Robert Hoffman always wanted to be a business owner.

After spending the better part of his professional career working in retail sales, most recently as the director of retail operations for a leisure and recreations business in Florida, the 57-year-old entrepreneur was ready to become his own boss.
He looked into a bevy of franchise options, but one concept continued to creep into his mind: caring for seniors and disabled adults. As he researched his options, Hoffman narrowed the search to four similar caregiving brands. He spent time talking with franchisees, learning about their approach, and he ultimately decided to purchase Right at Home.
Personal experience played a factor in his decision to become a caregiver. After his father-in-law had back surgery, he saw firsthand how difficult looking after a loved one can be for the patient and the family.
“Health care was very relatable because of my wife’s father,” Hoffman said. “Every few weeks my wife would push me into researching the industry more.
“I did my due diligence. I spoke with 13 to 14 different franchise owners and several of them told me to make sure that this was what I wanted to do, to make sure it was right for me. In the end, they said that if I was certain, then there was no better company than Right at Home.”
Hoffman said the industry is right for him because it provides a needed service to the Longwood, Florida, community where he operates.
“I realized that if I could put together a team that does a great job and helps people, that would mean something to me,” he said. “Plus, it’s recession proof. There’s going to be more people needing at-home care, and more people wanting to stay at home. I realized it’s an opportunity to help them while also providing for my family at the same time.”
Right at Home has made the transition easy for Hoffman, a first-time business owner.
Right at Home provided him with the necessary tools to succeed, such as software to keep track of clients and applicants, sales training, brochures and a manager who is dedicated to assisting him when necessary. He couldn’t be happier with the support he receives or the decision he made to join the Right at Home family.
But for Hoffman, the real happiness is through the interaction with his clients.
“One of the benefits of this line of work is meeting the clients. It’s meaningful when I get to see the look on family members’ faces when I tell them about our services and what we can provide for them,” he said. “It’s refreshing to see the relief and the smile on their faces.”

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