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How Much Can I Make as a Robeks Franchise Owner?

Top-performing Robeks locations took in more than $1 million in revenue from July 2020 through June 2021.

By Justin Wick1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 11/05/21

As smoothie and juice franchise Robeks approaches 100 units nationwide, a desirable investment outlook has brought on more interest from prospective franchisees. Top-performing Robeks locations have drawn more than $1 million in revenue from July 2020 through June 2021, and the average store drew in well over $600,000 in that same timeframe.

Robert Campos, vice president of franchise sales for the brand, says the profitability of Robeks franchises is a by-product of a small structure of expenses. The brand has been able to achieve strong revenue numbers thanks to low overhead, a small real estate footprint and an even smaller team of employees when compared to traditional restaurant models.

Since 2019, the average Robeks franchise has brought in more than $495,000 in yearly revenue. When comparing its 2020 yearly average to the same figure from June 2020 to July 2021, that number jumped by 24.5%, suggesting the brand will only see continued growth as the country pulls out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Most typical food businesses have three core expense items: food costs, labor and real estate,” Campos said. “The best thing about our brand is that all three of those are extremely manageable. You don’t need a lot of real estate to run our business, so our rental costs are really low. Our food costs are favorable because smoothie and juice products are frozen by design. And, when it comes to labor, you really don’t need a large team of employees; we can operate smoothly with two to three employees per shift.”

Campos believes that with the right, passionate operators, every Robeks franchise will produce a superior product to sell to its guests. The brand’s business model has been proven in multiple markets, and its expansion has not slowed despite the ongoing limitations that have been placed on the food service industry throughout the pandemic. 

“We’ve got a great product in the sense that our franchise system will deliver on a wide sense of goals and expectations,” Campos added. “It’s a blessed position to know I get to take part in that process, and we’ve got some great people who make that process a reality.”

While restaurant franchises were faced with a myriad of limitations in 2020, Campos says the Robeks brand has been very fortunate to outlast a pandemic and continue to grow. “We were able to settle into a comfortable place. Now, our stores are making more money than ever and demand for our product has grown tremendously,” he said.

Newfound opportunity has allowed Robeks to project more favorable revenue figures moving forward, something that has helped draw additional franchisees toward the brand.

What’s more, Robeks is in a “perfect storm of opportunity to develop into new markets.” Pair this opportunity for new development with the brand’s ongoing mission to expand its presence in existing markets, and it’s easy to see how the brand is on a direct course for continued growth, made possible thanks to its adaptive measures and the favorable shift in consumer demand.

“Over the past year and a half especially, people have put a greater focus on health while also shifting the way they access products,” Campos said. This adaptable nature has established Robeks as a brand with high public regard, and its consumer accessibility has helped set the tone for franchise revenue for years to come.

“We’re definitely looking to expand into markets where we don’t have footing so far,” Campos said, as the brand is targeting multi-unit and single-unit agreements alike in territories across the country. 

Robeks investments range from $258,450 to $353,000 and include all franchise fees. For more information about franchising with Robeks visit: