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Multi-Brand Franchisee Chinu Patel Is Bringing Robeks To Lakewood, Ohio

The experienced franchise owner, who currently owns eight Subway locations, chose to diversify his portfolio with Robeks after seeing how well-positioned its business model was for the COVID-19 landscape.

When Chinu Patel’s children started raving about the smoothie place in their neighborhood, the franchising veteran had enough experience to know he should pay attention. 

Los Angeles-based fresh juice, smoothie and bowl franchise Robeks was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing loyal fans with easy, delicious and nutritious meal alternatives. Robeks uses a proprietary line of enrichments to deliver the right nutrients to help customers boost their metabolism and overall wellness, all while enjoying the brand’s amazing flavors through their diverse menu offering.

Since starting to franchise in 2001, Robeks has grown to over 85 franchise locations across the United States and continues to appeal to qualified entrepreneurs looking to enter the booming bowl, fresh juice and smoothie market. 

One of these entrepreneurs is multi-brand franchise owner Chinu Patel, who is now bringing his years of franchising experience to Robeks. 

The Journey To Robeks Franchise Ownership

Since moving to the United States from India over 25 years ago, Patel has spent the past two decades investing in several franchise locations with his brother.

“When I first moved to the U.S., my first couple of jobs were part-time work in the fast-food industry,” said Patel. “We had some family friends who were franchise owners, and they showed us how franchising can create strong profits and allow you to manage multiple locations without needing a daily presence. My brother and I originally invested in a small donut shop franchise, and then purchased a small supermarket. From there, we started to invest in Subway franchises.”

It was through Subway franchise ownership that Patel was first introduced to the Robeks brand. 

“One of my current Subway locations is located a few stores down from a Robeks store in a strip mall,” he said. “Over the years, both my son and my daughter have come to really love Robeks’ smoothies and bowls. When we decided to expand our portfolio with another franchise concept, we researched the Robeks business model and really loved what we saw.” 

The Strength of the Robeks Business Model

Patel notes that one of the main selling points for him was Robeks’ focus on supporting a healthy lifestyle. “The strong commitment to health really set the brand apart from others in the segment,” he said. “The food industry in general is moving toward healthier options, and it was clear that Robeks aligned with that movement.”

Patel originally signed the agreement back in the end of 2018, and wanted to take his time in  finding just the right location and getting the ball rolling. Since the brand’s refreshed store design can fit in retail spaces less than 800 square feet, it is designed to make Robeks more convenient, streamlined and profitable — a factor that was important to Patel as he looked for ways to efficiently diversify his portfolio. Now, Patel has identified a site in Lakewood, Ohio and is in the middle of the construction process. 

“I own a Subway franchise in the Lakewood area, so I have become very accustomed to that community,” said Patel. “It is a small city with a very tight-knit, residential community and a lot of families. There are not a lot of competitors in the smoothie sector in the area that offer what Robeks does, so there is definitely an unmet consumer demand for healthy options. Also, our location is in a prime spot that will promote strong foot-traffic in conjunction with other stores in the area.”

In terms of support, Patel notes that the Robeks leadership team has been incredibly helpful in positioning him for success. David Rawnsley, the brand’s president, is a franchise partner himself and understands the effort, energy and passion that is required to guide a Robeks franchise to success. To nurture that success, Robeks is proud to provide industry-leading support from the day franchisees sign the contract through grand opening and beyond.

Why Robeks Is Well-Positioned for the Future

That support infrastructure has become even more essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Robeks’ corporate team has increased internal communication, shared best practices and provided marketing tools to ensure franchisees feel supported in these unprecedented times.

Patel notes that when the pandemic first hit, he saw that the Robeks location next to his Subway continued to bring in a steady stream of customers, making him feel confident in his investment choice. 

The smoothie brand’s flexible business model, which promotes on-the-go offerings, a rewards app, curbside pickup and third-party delivery partnerships, is perfectly positioned for the current state of the industry following COVID-19 and beyond! In fact, stores in certain markets have seen a year-over-year increase as high as 25% to 40%.

That is why Robeks’ Vice President of Franchise Sales Robert Campos said that now is a critical time of growth for the brand. With so many people looking to make career shifts and take ownership over their livelihoods, now is the perfect time to identify candidates who can really excel and grow with the company. As Robeks makes plans for future markets, the brand is looking to grow with qualified franchisees like Patel who are driven and dedicated to the mission of the franchise.

“Thanks to all of my franchising experience, I was able to see right away that Robeks offered a lucrative opportunity to diversify my portfolio with a proven business model that is perfectly positioned for the current times,” said Patel. “Robeks was really a dream of ours, and I credit my children for really pushing me to make that dream come true thanks to their passion for the brand. Now, I cannot wait to bring Robeks’ combination of flavor and nutrition to our community.”

The total estimated cost to open a Robeks franchise ranges from $228,450 to $340,000. The brand offers discounts for veterans and multi-unit owners. For more information, visit