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Why Robeks Franchisee Tariq Johnson Took the Leap Into Franchising

The franchisee discusses what drew him to the juice and smoothie brand, why he continued to invest and how the corporate team helped him navigate COVID-19.

By Alex Lockie1851 Franchise Editor
Updated 1:13PM 04/21/21

Tariq Johnson is a business coach and a multi-unit franchisee with Robeks, the Los Angeles-based fresh juice, smoothie and acai bowl franchise. For Johnson, making the leap from employee to entrepreneur took guts and dedication, two things he has in spades and now teaches others on social media. 

“My wife and I signed our first franchise agreement with Robeks in November of 2017 in California,” said Johnson. “We opened our location inside a brand new shopping center. It was a fun and interesting journey where I learned a lot but it was also one of the more complex situations I’ve ever been in, especially being a first-time franchisee. And yet, with Robeks’ help, I got our store to be profitable in less than two months.” 

While Johnson may have been surprised by the store’s quick success, Robeks has seen it time and time again. When Johnson moved across the country to Neptune Beach, Florida, just seven months later, he again went to Robeks to take over an existing store in his new community. 

Unlike other franchises without a clear exit strategy for franchisees, Johnson found Robeks easy to deal with for resales. 

“In September 2020, I sold our California location,” said Johnson. “That was very exciting. We had owned that store for three years and the location had always done extremely well. The month that we sold our location was also our best month in sales and it was extremely validating to go out on such a high note while being able to consolidate our business to one time zone.”  

Johnson’s story is just one of that many that highlights the opportunities for growth and success that Robeks offers. Founded in 1996, the brand has become a recognized and beloved name not only among customers, but also among investors who view the franchise as a serious asset. 

According to Johnson, the best part of being a Robeks franchisee is the hands-on support he receives from the corporate team that empowers him to connect with his local community through food. 

“The greatest thing is that when you need help, the corporate team is always there for you,” said Johnson. “David, the president of Robeks, literally rolled up his sleeves, got on the line and started making smoothies with us. They really care about your success and work closely with franchisees to help you grow. They win when you win.”

David Rawnsley, the brand’s president and CFO, echoed Johnson’s sentiments. 

“Robeks owes everything to dedicated owners like Johnson,” said Rawnsley. “He understands that we’re in this together, and he strives to help the overall brand achieve success in addition to his individual stores. It has always been a pleasure to work with him and watch him live the brand’s values.”

Jumping on the line during a busy lunch rush is just one way that the corporate team lends support to its franchisees. Johnson takes pride in knowing that the entire menu he serves is heavily vetted to ensure that each item tastes great, makes guests feel good and garners a healthy profit for his business. 

“You know that the products are good,” said Johnson. “You know that the products are proven to have certain health benefits and have been through a careful selection process. If an item makes the cut and is added to the menu, you can be confident that it’s for a reason.”

Robeks investments range from $228,450 to $340,000 and include all franchise fees. For more information about franchising with Robeks visit:


Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Robeks is a forerunner in the wholesome juice and healthful smoothie category using fruits and vegetables at the peak of their freshness for a delicious taste and quality nutrients. Also known for its fresh Acai bowls and now adding premium toasts, Robeks continues to innovate with creatively crafted flavor combinations with fresh, high-quality ingredients that make people happy. With more than 100 locations open and in development across twelve states and the District of Columbia, Robeks continues its stellar growth with franchise opportunities in select markets across the country. For more information, visit