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SALON Today: Skincare Spa Heyday Sets Ambitious Plan for Growth

Sean Brock, president of franchising for Heyday, discusses expansion, the skincare brand’s membership model, and how facials are the future of wellness routines.

By Casey Echols1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 12:12PM 12/03/21

In a recent interview with Salon Today, Sean Brock discussed Heyday’s growth goal of 300 franchise units in the next five years, the company's membership-based structure, and how the company is positioning facials as a regular part of one’s skincare routine.

“We have 11 locations primarily in New York, Philadelphia and LA, and really what we’ve done is provide the service of a facial outside of a day spa or a resort and focus not on the beauty side of a facial, but also on the wellness aspect of clients taking care of their skin on a monthly basis,” said Brock.

When asked about the brand’s ambitious plans to grow to 300 locations across the U.S. and geographical areas that are being targeted, Brock says that since the announcement, nine new franchises have been signed with Heyday.

“L5 Capital is committed to opening 60 locations in five years, so what will happen over the course of the next five years will really be gaining national attraction.”

Listen to the full interview here.