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Scoop Soldiers Primed for Franchise Growth in Florida

The pet waste removal franchise has established eight territories in the Sunshine State and is ready to expand further.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 08/29/23

Scoop Soldiers, the 40-plus unit “pooper scooper” franchise that takes care of the dirtiest part of pet ownership, is growing in Florida. With a corporate location servicing the greater Orlando area, two franchisees serving four territories in the Tampa area and a new signing for another four territories in Southwest Florida, Scoop Soldiers has seen great success in the state and is capitalizing on the momentum it has gained thus far.

“Florida is in the middle of a population boom,” explained Scott Oaks, vice president of franchise development at Scoop Soldiers. “Post-pandemic and with the increase in remote work, more people are moving south, and Florida has definitely seen the impact. When you couple that with the increase in pet ownership and people becoming more prone to outsourcing things that they don’t like or want to do, Florida is ripe for growth for Scoop Soldiers.”

Oaks also explained that the number of retirees living independently in Florida as well as those living in senior living communities drives demand for Scoop Soldiers’ services further. 

“As we all get older, bending over to clean up after your pet gets a bit harder,” he said. “Whether it’s your own yard or the common areas of a senior living community that we service through the commercial side of our business, there’s a huge value proposition there. The service makes all of the areas that much healthier for pets to play in.”

The Versatility of Scoop Soldiers

While there are some market conditions that lend themselves to Scoop Soldiers’ services, the beauty of the business model lies in its versatility. The service is a relatively affordable one that appeals to pet owners of all kinds.

“Cleaning up after your pet is something that most people don’t look forward to doing, regardless of income level,” said Oaks. “We’ve done scooping at a governor’s mansion and in mobile home communities. We have a lot of leeway thanks to having wider customer demographics.”

Scoop Soldiers provides a service that both relieves the pet owner, allowing them to spend more time doing the fun things with their four-legged friends, and increases community health by removing pet waste, which can carry parasites and other dangerous materials, from yards and common areas.

Scoop Soldiers’ Florida Growth

Scoop Soldiers currently has a corporate operation servicing the greater Orlando area, four active territories in Tampa and another four territories in development for Southwest Florida. The franchisor sees an opportunity to add at least two, but as many as six, territories to the state within the next year. As of now, the team is focused on identifying franchisees who will be a great fit for the system. Because it is a service-based business, Scoop Soldiers is dedicated to awarding franchises to prospective owners who genuinely care about their communities and are interested in providing a valuable service to neighbors.

The Florida market currently boasts opportunities for both an enhanced territory and standard development opportunity. 

New franchisees have an opportunity to invest in the enhanced Orlando territory, taking over the corporate operation alongside its developed client list. This opportunity positions franchisees to scale more quickly and reach profitability even sooner — the perfect hybrid of purchasing an existing business and building one from the ground up. The greater Orlando area currently consists of four territories, but expanding to include the Clermont and Winter Haven areas creates capacity for six territories total.

Franchisees looking for a more traditional franchise experience can inquire about the rest of the Florida market. Scoop Soldiers is still working to develop active territories across the entire state, providing robust training and incredible ongoing support for franchisees who launch a brand new business.

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