New Product: Smoothie King’s Peach Papaya Greek Yogurt Smoothie
New Product: Smoothie King’s Peach Papaya Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Smoothie innovator continues to innovate with summery Greek yogurt smoothie.

As the dog days of summer begin to heat up, sweet and icy treats keep tongues wagging and dispositions chilled. Drink innovator Smoothie King has found the perfect combination of delicious and nutritious with the newest addition to their menu—the Peach Papaya Greek Yogurt Smoothie.

Smoothie King began incorporating Greek yogurt into its smoothies in the summer of 2014, and it’s added a whole new dimension to the brand’s menu. Peach Papaya joins a delectable fleet of Greek Yogurt Smoothies including Orange Vanilla, Strawberry Blueberry and Pineapple Mango.

““Greek yogurt is a great contribution to any of our smoothies, as it makes the consistency creamier and the drink more nutritionally robust,” brand product development manager and resident food scientist Davis Jaeger said.

All of the Greek yogurt smoothies contain four grams of fiber, 12 grams of protein and electrolytes. The peach papaya smoothie boasts this same nutritional footprint while packing a peachy flavor, it’s nutritionally replenishing and keeps you fuller longer.

“Guests can add Greek yogurt to any one of our smoothies,” Jaeger said. “The peach papaya smoothie is seasonally relevant and incredibly refreshing while packing a peachy flavor.”

Greek yogurt has also risen to the top three of the smoothie slinger’s product mix, a feat that many smoothies have yet to accomplish.

When Jaeger was bestowed with the task of creating a new summer flavor, he had a game plan. Jaeger took to the test kitchen to create an unprecedented smoothie. He aimed especially to put less typically utilized ingredients in the spotlight. After toying around with tropical flavors like mango, peach and papaya, Jaeger found his secret formula in the peach papaya smoothie.

“It’s kind of just having a gut feeling,” Jaeger said of the process. “Having been a chef for over a decade, I utilize flavor profiles and combine that knowledge with the functions of nutrition.”

While Jaeger and the rest of the Smoothie King held high expectations for the drink, the positive reaction toward the peach papaya smoothie was unprecedented.

“It’s been receiving explosive reactions,” Jaeger said. “People across the country love the drink and franchisees are flying through ingredients.”

The peach papaya smoothie is here to stay, as it isn’t a limited time item. Anybody can—and should—enjoy it.

Smoothie King will have you feeling positively peachy keen all year round.