Smoothie King Beats the Seasonal Slump Other Brands Fall Into
Smoothie King Beats the Seasonal Slump Other Brands Fall Into

Franchisees have guests lining up rain or shine.

Some businesses are inherently seasonal, a fact that becomes readily apparent when sales decline in the off-season. Amazingly, despite the fact that some people may associate smoothies more with a refreshing summertime beverage, Smoothie King blends a product that guests enjoy year round.

“Smoothie King was never just about cold drinks that taste great – it was about creating smoothies with a purpose,” said Chad Tramuta, franchise development manager at Smoothie King. “As we grew, we were able to educate our guests about the meal replacement aspect of our smoothies. More and more, our core demographic is not people seeking a treat, but families looking to stay healthy in a quick, tasty way.”

As an example, Tramuta shared the experience of one Smoothie King franchisee who opened up in Columbia, Mo. during winter.

“It was about 15 degrees out and that store still had one of the largest grand openings in our system this year,” he said. “People were lining up to get in.”

Guests have discovered that Smoothie King’s products not only taste great, but offer them a way to reach their health and fitness goals. They can customize a flavorful meal replacement drink to suit their specific needs, confident in the fact they’re getting all the nutrients they need to reach their objective, even if it’s just to power their bodies up for a busy day.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Smoothie King won’t embrace the opportunities presented by the changing of the seasons.

“In the fall we offer a pumpkin spice smoothie, and we unveiled a line of dark chocolate smoothies, including Dark Chocolate Peppermint, for the winter season last year,” said Stephen Foley, a franchise development manager at Smoothie King. “More and more we plan to have specialty smoothies for our fans to enjoy.”

And enjoy them they do. Smoothie King guests aren’t the type to stop in every once in a while. Thanks to the brand’s dedication to smoothies with a purpose, guests often flock to their nearest location for a daily drink, just one more reason franchisees are clamoring to help expand the brand across the country.