In the Booming Fitness Industry, Solcioty Franchise Breaks Through with a Focus on Community and Technology | 1851 Franchise
In the Booming Fitness Industry, Solcioty Franchise Breaks Through with a Focus on Community and Technology
In the Booming Fitness Industry, Solcioty Franchise Breaks Through with a Focus on Community and Technology

Solcioty creates gathering spot to engage participants through scientifically monitored hour long workout with feedback designed to hook

The boutique fitness industry is booming. According to the American College of Sports Medicine’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2017, wearable technology and high-intensity interval training are the number one and number two biggest trends. Enter Solcioty fitness franchise, which is a combination of both of these features and provides a strong community experience that is missing from other fitness studios and especially from outdated big box gyms.

“The Millennial mindset has bled over to older generations who are willing to pay more for something they see value in,” says founder and President Justin Kanawyer.  “People want direction and results and most people get neither wandering around a 50,000 square foot health club. At Solcioty, our members get both. They get the direction they need in a fun, upbeat environment and results they can see.”  

Solcioty describes its mission as cultivating a true sense of accomplishment and significance in a high tech and high energy environment where effort is rewarded, goals are reached and lives are changed.

Solcioty’s meaning has two parts. First, it is a group of unique individuals who, together, rise as a fitness community where personal growth is encouraged, supported and rewarded. Second, it means that out of many, one. One community; one purpose; one solcioty.

Between Kanawyer and his business partner, Charlie Lindsey, the two have decades of experience running big gyms, small gyms, franchised gyms and studios. From experiential learning, they know that using newer technologies that provide instantaneous monitoring and feedback while providing a sense of community and fostering personal connections is the key to targeting moms, runners, professionals, athletes and starters in one class that can be easily monitored by fitness trainers.

“The boutique industry is booming, but I knew that we wanted to create a workout that everyone could experience and see life changing results,” said Kanawyer. “We don’t make any major decision without asking ourselves how it will impact the person with a below average fitness level. We never want to lose site of why we originally got into this business. From our technology, to our equipment to how we program our daily workouts, you will see plenty of evidence of this.

Because participants wear heart rate monitors that are shown on a screen identifying five corresponding training zones, participants’ heart rates are normalized against their fitness levels, making an efficient, more enjoyable and safer workout for more types of people. At the same time, the instructors can more easily connect and coach each individual regardless if they are a beginner, experienced or advanced. The workout visual display in the workout room not only displays the workout for that day, but it also shows a modified movement for each exercise for anyone that has not reached the fitness level yet to achieve the primary exercise movement properly.

While wearing their heart rate monitors, members are led through multiple intervals of exercise in music infused, high-energy environment. Not only does an instructor encourage and cue each interval in class, but Solcioty also offers a unique lighting system that changes the color of the room to indicate which heart rate zone you should be in. Each zone represents an increased level of intensity. Heart rates go up, calories are burned and goals are reached. Diversified workouts provide the healthiest exercise routines.

“The other differentiating factor is our heart rate monitoring system, which also helps the instructors manage more efficiently and effectively,” said Kanawyer. “We live in world where everyone wants instant gratification. We have come to expect things very quickly. Which is why wearable technology is growing more and more. At Solcioty, our members get to see their results in live time. They see the calories burned, the points they’ve earned, and immediately get to share it on social media. It is real success that you can measure. That’s a huge aspect of what we offer.”

Functional exercises, core training, cardio interval training, and strength training using each piece of Solcioty equipment, creates an infinite number of workout combinations, where the same workout will never be repeated twice.

The Solcioty fitness experience is intended to provide more cardio, more strength and more core than other workout experiences. It burns between 500-1,000 calories per class and keeps burning calories for up to 36 hours afterwards, the benefit of which is communicated regularly. The class works with any fitness level and emphasizes a music infused, fun group environment. LED-lit visual cueing equipment includes Airfit bikes, Quick Key treadmills, rowers, resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX straps, dumbbells, step-bench and more.

“Wherever you are growing a franchise brand, you want to design a system that supports the franchisees and sets them up for success. My background is 25 years in the franchise industry, and Charlie and Justin are fitness industry veterans and former franchisees. This is THE concept to invest in,” said Chief Development Officer David Wheeler.

The Details:

  • Solcioty states the following advantages: Low startup cost, low overhead, small studio size, small staff, high margins, proven systems, fun concept, unique experience and pre-negotiated best prices on fitness equipment, systems and software.
  • Investment in Solcioty requires a three-unit minimum commitment. The net worth requirement is $1,500,000, with liquid cash of $600,000. The total investment range is between $489,000 - $770,000.
  • Solcioty’s initial franchise fee is $40,000 with 7% ongoing royalties, a national advertising fee (not currently charging) of 1% and various fees.
  • Solcioty works best in communities with demographics that meet qualifying population and household requirements within a 3 mile, 12-minute drive time, including an average household income of $75,000. Its overall target age is between 19-60 years and 25-45 years old specifically.
  • Classes range from 24-32 people at one time. Studio space and location requirements are between 2,600 and 3,800 square feet. An end cap is preferred that is close to major freeways and traffic routes and located in a high-end trade area with female friendly retailers with high foot traffic. The location says it does best near premium anchor grocery stores or near big box gyms as wells as yoga, barre and Pilates studios. There are other facility requirements as well, and the typical term is 10 years with two 5-year options.
  • The average number of full time employees at a Solcioty location is between two and four. Average number of part time employees is between 12-16.
  • The company is looking for potential franchisees with general business experience, fitness industry experience in addition to meeting financial requirements. Final determination will also be based on personal interviews, and both parties’ brand, culture and vision must align.
  • Solcioty will provide site selection assistance, lease negotiation assistance, marketing support, regional advertising, local advertising, pre-opening and ongoing structure, campaigns and support, ongoing support, central data processing, field operation training, pre-opening training and assistance, franchisee newsletter as well as regional and national meetings.

Website: Solcioty Fitness Franchise