Sport Clips Among 'Best For Vets'
Sport Clips Among 'Best For Vets'

Sports-themed haircut franchise is ranked the fifth best franchise for former servicemen and women.

As ex-servicemen and women transition from military to civilian life, entrepreneurism is a career path that many veterans have traveled to find success.
Recently, Military Times ranked the top 42 franchise brands in 2016 for veterans. Their annual “Best for Vets” listing provides a glimpse into which companies are most vet-friendly in regard to culture, performance, operational cost and more.
Rounding out the top five franchises is Sport Clips Haircuts. Founded in 1993 by Gordon Logan, a former Aircraft Commander in the U.S. Air Force, the sports-themed haircut franchise has more than 125 vet-owned locations nationwide.
Providing support at every turn, Sport Clips aims to make sure franchisees have the assistance they need to be successful.
According to Military Times, Air Force and National Guard veteran Ed Passarelli Jr. has received more support from the brand than he anticipated.
"I call people constantly to ask them what they do, how they’re doing it, whether I can duplicate it or not," Passarelli told Military Times. "They are not competitors. We are all in this together, as a team."
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