Experienced Entrepreneur Finds Success as Multi-Unit Franchisee with Sport Clips’ Proven Business Model
Experienced Entrepreneur Finds Success as Multi-Unit Franchisee with Sport Clips’ Proven Business Model

With four locations currently open for business and another six on the horizon, Bob Biehler is capitalizing on the brand’s position at the forefront of a booming industry.

Bob Biehler has always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. For three decades, he created and oversaw his own business before ultimately deciding to sell it to a Fortune 500 company. So when he started looking for his next business ownership opportunity, he knew he wanted to be a part of something big.

To figure out his next steps, Biehler turned to a business broker. He explained to the broker that he was looking to be part of a brand with strong growth potential that’s proven itself to be successful time and time again. One of the recommendations Biehler received was Sport Clips, the leading franchise in the men’s grooming industry. But before officially making the decision to invest, Biehler ran the opportunity by one more person: his son.

“My son is a venture capitalist whose job requires him to evaluate businesses and determine whether or not they’re worth investing in. That’s why I asked him to take a look at Sport Clips—I knew he would be able to tell me if this was a solid business opportunity or not,” said Biehler. “As soon as he looked at Sport Clips’ numbers and business model, he said, ‘Dad, you need to invest in this business and you need to do it fast.’ Right away, I took his advice and signed my franchise agreement.”

In 2013, Biehler signed on to open up 10 new Sport Clips locations. To say he hit the ground running would be an understatement—he won the brand’s coveted “Rookie of the Year” award during his first year in business. And with four stores currently thriving across New Jersey, Biehler is establishing a strong presence for the Sport Clips brand in the Northeast, which has been identified as one of its key development territories.

Sport Clips is ultimately able to take off in major markets like New Jersey because of its unique position at the forefront of a booming industry. From the brand’s strong support system and comprehensive training program to its commitment to innovation and top quality customer service, Sport Clips stands out as the men’s grooming brand to beat. By following its proven model, Biehler says it’s simple to achieve success. 

“I try to stay on track with the system Sport Clips has laid out because it works. The brand’s overall structure and supportive environment are both designed to provide you with all of the tools and resources you need to operate a successful business,” Biehler said. “As an entrepreneur, I was initially drawn to Sport Clips because of its commitment to quality on both the front and back ends of its business. Now as a franchisee, I get to use that top tier system to my advantage as I continue to open up more locations.”

Going forward, Biehler’s plan is to open at least one store per year until all 10 of his locations are up and running. And he’s far from the only multi-unit franchisee capitalizing on the brand’s strong reputation among consumers and business owners alike—with more than 1,600 stores operating across the U.S. and Canada, entrepreneurs are consistently signing on to bring Sport Clips to their local communities. The brand even offers its franchisees an affordable initial investment to help them get started—startup costs range from $189,300 - $354,500.

“At the end of the day, franchisees like Bob are driving our success and helping us establish strong momentum as we continue to expand. That’s why we’re proud to work with a system of incredibly talented, passionate and driven local owners,” said Dave Wells, director of franchising at Sport Clips. “Going forward in 2017, we’re excited to welcome even more franchisees into our system as we work toward our goal of breaking into new communities across the country.”