Rising through the Ranks: How Sport Clips Helps its Stylists and Team Members Achieve Their Long-Term Career Goals
Rising through the Ranks: How Sport Clips Helps its Stylists and Team Members Achieve Their Long-Term Career Goals

Through the brand’s ongoing training and education initiatives, Sport Clips is constantly presenting its team members with opportunities for growth and professional advancement.

With more than 1,600 salons thriving across the U.S. and Canada, it’s clear Sport Clips is a leading force in the men’s grooming segment of the franchising industry. From its simple and proven business model that’s easy to scale to its comprehensive and ongoing training programs, there’s no shortage of competitive advantages for its growing system of franchisees. However, those benefits don’t end with its team leaders.

In addition to providing support for its local owners, Sport Clips also makes it a top priority to help all of the local owner’s team members. The brand’s system is designed to help fuel team members’ growth, both personally and professionally. By consistently updating and enhancing its training and education programs, Sport Clips opens up the door for the local owner’s team members to move up to advance and realize their long-term career goals. And stylists across the country are capitalizing on that ability to tap into the brand’s upward mobility.

“Sport Clips is the perfect franchised system in that it allows you to take your career in whatever direction you want to go in. If you want to be in education or area management, there’s an angle for that. There’s also an option for stylists looking to cut hair and focus on their clients. No matter what your professional goals are, the brand is there to help you rise through the ranks,” said Amanda Riewe, one of Sport Clips’ area coaches.

Riewe is an example of someone who has taken advantage of Sport Clips’ numerous opportunities for career advancement. She first started with the brand 10 years ago as a stylist in one of its Wisconsin salons. However, within one month, she had already been named an assistant manager. That then led to a role as a manager overseeing multiple stores for various franchisees and area developers. Recognizing her potential to continue climbing the Sport Clips ladder, Riewe decided to apply for an area coach position that had opened up in Florida.

Today, Riewe supports franchisees and their stylists across Tampa, Orlando and parts of Ft. Lauderdale. Along with other area coaches, she spends half the month teaching technical and theory classes to stylists to help them understand both the Sport Clips brand and the industry’s latest trends and techniques. She also spends her time visiting stores to ensure the brand’s system is being lived out in its daily operations across her region.

“Area coaches like Amanda are instrumental in our franchise system’s success. By supporting our team leaders and the team leader’s stylists both in-store and in the classroom, they’re ensuring our standards for excellence are consistently being upheld,” said Dave Wells, director of franchising at Sport Clips. “Sport Clips is known for being a friendly environment for everyone who walks through its doors, and that includes our franchisee’s  team members. We’re committed to helping people advance their careers. By our team leaders promoting from within their ranks and giving people the ability to move up through our system, we’re ensuring our team leaders and support team are familiar with every aspect of our brand. At the end of the day, that’s going to enhance our franchise opportunity on all levels.”

Kimberlee Manley is another stylist-turned-area coach in Sport Clips’ system. After working as a part-time stylist at a franchisee’s salon in South Carolina for years, she was approached by the brand to take on an area coach position. At first, she was hesitant to accept a new role within the brand’s system given she didn’t want to move while her children were still in high school. However, when the opportunity came up to be a coach without having to relocate in 2015, she couldn’t turn it down.

Since becoming an area coach in 2015, Manley has never looked back. In addition to bonding with other stylists, managers and area coaches in the brand’s system, she says she’s excited for the opportunity to work in a role that’s designed to bring the Sport Clips franchisee’s team members even closer together.

“There are so many ways to move up through Sport Clips’ system. Stylists ask me all the time how I’ve been able to get to the position I’m in now, and I always tell them it comes down to staying true to the brand. If you show you’re driven and take the initiative to improve, there won’t be anything holding you back,” said Manley. “Our system is completely unique, especially within the men’s hair and grooming industry. Our values aren’t just for show—we live by them every single day. And that means creating an environment and culture that is designed to take team members from one level to the next.”

Riewe and Manley are far from the only stylists who have been able to launch their long-term careers with the help of Sport Clips— franchisee’s stylists across the country are constantly using the brand’s tools and training to their advantage.

“This is a company that’s led with a heart. We have a set of values we see through on a daily basis, and it’s our intent that everyone is cared for and respected,” said Riewe. “That type of supportive environment comes from the brand, which is a huge part of why I love working with Sport Clips. There’s an unwavering passion for this brand that’s evident across every level of the organization.”