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Sport Clips Rolls Out New Technology Platform Designed to Enhance Both Client and Franchisee Experiences

New technology introduced by the nation’s leading men’s and boys’ hair care provider strengthens Sport Clips’ already proven business model and franchising opportunity.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 4:16PM 03/07/18

Since first opening its doors for business 25 years ago, Sport Clips Haircuts has solidified its position as the top men’s and boys’ hair care provider in the country. And while the brand’s growing network of nearly 2,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada is impressive, Sport Clips’ strength as a franchise opportunity doesn’t rely solely on its size. What makes the brand stand out as one to beat is its commitment to innovation, especially when it comes to technology.

In a recent announcement, Sport Clips unveiled a new technology platform that enables clients at any location to check in online. Now, through the program, men and boys who visit their local Sport Clips location can get in line online for haircare services without having to physically enter the store.

While online check in is not necessarily new to the salon segment of the franchising industry, Sport Clips has focused heavily on the client experience, ensuring the service is available at all of the brand’s 1,700+ locations. Check in can be completed from a desktop, tablet or mobile device through a simple link. Once clients are on that web page, Sport Clips will be able to identify their location or zip code, which will then allow guests to select their preferred store from a map and select the check-in button. The first time that clients check in online, they’ll be asked to create a profile. However, that information can then be saved to be used down the line. Multiple haircuts can also be requested under the same online check-in account, ensuring that parents don’t need to make a separate account for their children.

Once clients are officially checked in, they’ll receive an estimated arrival time to show up at the store. When they arrive for their appointment, their name will be listed on a wallboard near the front counter so that they can be seen by a stylist quickly, making the entire hair care experience more convenient for them. According to Sport Clips founder and CEO Gordon Logan, that convenience factor isn’t an accident. This new technology platform was created and designed with the client in mind.

He said, “Client convenience is a top priority for Sport Clips, so we developed the online check-in option to make it even easier for our clients to come in for a haircut when it is convenient for them. Our highly accurate system shows wait times for all stores in an area so when clients come in, they will already be in the queue, minimizing wait time. Our wall-mounted display shows each client exactly where they are in the queue, and approximate time until their service. Checking in online gives our clients flexibility when planning their next haircut and saves them valuable time.”

Sport Clips’ new online check-in initiative isn’t only beneficial for new and loyal clients across the country—it’s also a positive addition for franchisees. Not only will this technology help the brand’s stores bring in more clients, it will also ease the franchisees ability to manage multiple locations remotely though up to the minute mobile access to point of sale and key performance indicator data.

Between Sport Clips’ commitment to technological innovation, its proven business model and affordable initial investment that ranges from $189,300 to $354,500 for the first store, franchisees who sign on to develop and own their own Sport Clips units will be primed for long-term success.

“Our new technology platform perfectly demonstrates why now is a great time to be a part of the Sport Clips team. You’re never going to find us resting on our laurels—Sport Clips has always been and will continue to be, a brand that’s constantly working to make positive changes and enhancements to better our business ownership opportunity for new and existing franchisees,” said Dave Wells, Sport Clips’ senior director of franchising. “Now that this new technology is available across our entire system, we’re looking forward to tracking its performance across our existing salons and introducing it to new franchisees as they come on board.”

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