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Steps to Becoming a Squeeze Franchise Owner

With a strong focus on mutual fit, extensive training and ongoing support, Squeeze Massage ensures that its Operating Partners are well-equipped to succeed in the burgeoning wellness industry.

The wellness and self-care industries are burgeoning, and Squeeze, the world-class massage brand from the founders of Drybar, is at the forefront of this growth. With its unique approach to affordable luxury in massage services, Squeeze presents an enticing opportunity for entrepreneurs. 

And embarking on the journey to becoming a Squeeze Operating Partner doesn’t have to be daunting — the process involves several well-defined steps designed to ensure mutual fit and preparedness. Here is what candidates can expect. 

Initial Inquiry and Prequalification

The journey begins when potential franchisees express their interest through various channels. "Candidates express interest in Squeeze via a number of different sources. They are learning about us online, listening to a podcast, visiting a shop and having a first-hand experience, etc.," said Jennifer Brock, Vice President of Franchise Development at Squeeze.

The initial intake form is crucial in this phase, gathering basic pre-qualifications such as having $300k in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $1.2 million. 

"If they answer no to any of the above, I send a quick email advising we connect when both metrics are met,” Brock said. “If yes, they receive an almost instantaneous communication from me encouraging them to book a call."

Discovery Process and Evaluation

Once the initial call is booked, it serves as a preliminary step to verify the information and share more about Squeeze. This is followed by candidates completing a "Get To Know You" form, which provides a comprehensive snapshot of their personal, professional, and financial background.

"Once the form is returned, I welcome each group into a 6-8 week discovery process to ensure mutual fit," Brock said.

Approval and Training

Upon approval, franchisees receive extensive support and training. Samantha Miracle-Friel, operations and training specialist for Squeeze, outlined the robust pre-opening training process. 

“We conduct weekly meetings to ensure you are on track and well-supported,” Miracle-Friel said. “This includes guidance from the director of real estate & development, a ‘buddy program’ with a designated mentor and a mix of group operations calls and digital courses.”

As the Grand Opening approaches, Operating Partners attend an in-person training at the Studio City location, where they gain hands-on experience. A team is also sent for on-site training the week leading up to the opening to ensure readiness. 

Site Selection and Real Estate Assistance

Choosing the right location is crucial, and Squeeze provides comprehensive real estate support throughout this process. Brock highlighted the involvement of key vendor partners like SABRE for site selection and deal negotiation, Heitler Houstoun Architects for shop design and Sevan Multi-Site Solutions for project management.

“Squeeze designed its real estate process and flow specifically with the Operating Partner experience in mind,” Brock said. “From onboarding through site selection, LOI and lease negotiation, permitting and construction project management, we have selected a truly best-in-class team to make the process as smooth as possible for our franchisees. We know that our Operating Partners are likely not real estate or construction experts, so we strive to take the guesswork out of the experience.”

And this real estate support is tailored to fit the unique needs of the franchisees and their individual territory. 

“It is critical that we have a deep understanding of the area’s current offerings as well as growth plans and also understand cotenancies and adjacencies in the developments we consider,” Brock said. “We also empower our Operating Partners to feel confident in the process. We have developed several tools to help educate our franchisees, and often receive feedback from them that we have turned a usually confusing process into something that’s ‘easy-peasy-squeezy!’ Of course, some of our Operating Partners are quite savvy on the site selection and construction fronts and may wish to take a more active role, which Squeeze is always here to support.”

Meghan Wells, a Squeeze Operating Partner in Huntsville, Alabama, agrees that real estate support was one of the essential components in her franchising journey. “Finding a location is probably the most challenging part of setting up a business, and it is also hard to realize that the process can take a lot longer than you think,” she said. “There are a lot of steps involved, but it all came together thanks to the team that Squeeze has put together.”

Marketing and Post-Opening Support

Once they are off to the races, Squeeze has a wealth of resources at their Operating Partners’ disposal, including a 500+ page Operations Manual, a robust learning management system and a proprietary CRM platform.

“As a Squeeze Operating Partner, you’re never on the journey alone as Squeeze Success Managers host recurring touch-bases with you to dig in on each of the core areas of your business, like marketing, recruiting, finance and operations,” said Squeeze Chief Product Officer David Werner. “Lastly, there’s immense value in the broader Operating Partner community. We’ve been intentional with the types of people we’ve brought on board to ensure they’re like-minded, goal-driven and believe in contributing to the greater mission.”

This comprehensive support network ensures that Operating Partners are well-prepared for their grand opening and have the tools needed for long-term success. And the support continues post-opening with bi-weekly support updates, personalized business coaching and more.

“Our support doesn't end once your doors are open,” said Miracle-Friel. “We provide personalized ongoing assistance to ensure that you succeed and can address any challenges that arise. We understand that in-the-moment, hands-on support matters. Each shop has continuous access to our Guest Experience team for any and all questions that pop up on a daily basis, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared success within the Squeeze network.”

Overall, Wells says she was blown away by the support offered every step of the way. “We had weekly or bi-weekly calls in the pre-opening stages,” she said. “There is a ton of communication. There's a lot of different vendors that help you make decisions on location and metrics. There is a lot of support from the brand to make sure that you're making the right decisions.”

Why the Time Has Never Been Better to Join Squeeze

With nearly 100 territories currently in development, Squeeze has ambitious growth plans. At their core, the ideal Squeeze Operating Partners are “people-persons” with a passion for doing good in their community. They should also have a strong business acumen, experience leading and managing teams and the drive to grow and succeed. They should also be aligned with the brand’s five core values — affectionately referred to as “The Feels.” 

“At Squeeze, we're not just offering a franchise opportunity — we're offering a partnership,” said Miracle-Friel. “Your success is our success, and we're committed to being there every step of the way. It's not just about the business; it's about building a supportive community where everyone thrives. We're excited to embark on this journey with new partners!”

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