Stop Talking Technical: When It’s Simple, Businesses Win
Stop Talking Technical: When It’s Simple, Businesses Win

No Limit Agency CEO and 1851 Publisher Nick Powills askes what would happen if your business operated internally with a message as simple as “Kill Blockbuster."

We at No Limit Agency are currently searching for the ideal people and culture winner. Throughout the search, we have had some amazing conversations. One, in particular, came from someone who worked at Netflix in the early days.

During the interview, this person talked about the simplicity of a message. For this situation, it had to do with vision – but it can certainly be applied to all parts of the marketing message.

Early Netflix had a simple vision: Kill Blockbuster.

I get goosebumps when writing that. So simple. So defined. So clear.

We are currently reworking our vision to align with that (and there are plenty of business models I would like to crush), but, it’s bigger than just a vision. It is a way of doing business.

Many founders can see lights at the end of the tunnel very clearly. But that’s where the clarity stops, because when they start explaining how to get there, technicalities take over and cloudiness rolls in. Why? Because being a founder is a special thing, and being a part of that founder’s drive is complex.

There are two ways to look at the simplicity of a message. The first is from a follower perspective (a customer or team member).

Imagine if when boarding an airplane, every person who boarded had to stop and ask what every tool and button did on the plane.

“What does that do?” asked the passenger.

“Well, we have to do this and then this and then this to make this and that work,” said the pilot.

More questions ensued.

It wouldn’t work. You would have to show up 10 hours early for flights just for the Q&A portion of the boarding process.

So, the airplane simplified it. They will get you from point A to point B in the quickest and safest way possible. And they have proven this over and over again. From the airline’s side, their message is simple.

Same goes for ordering a burger or buying a car (buying a house is a little different).

So, what if your business operated internally with a message called “Kill Blockbuster,” and externally, that message was simplified, too? Would the team get it? You bet. Would the customer get it? You bet. Would your competition be worried? You bet.

In my life, I wouldn’t say I am amazing at any individual thing. But, try to beat me in the collective. Why? I have focused on mastering the art of the fundamentals – fundamentals in business, in idea creation, in life. But, where do I need to put those experiences into action? In our business.

When we launched 1851 Franchise and now ESTATENVY, we complicated things internally. Clarity of pathway was confused. We have worked to reestablish clarity. And now, we are starting to see the steps pay off. We are working toward the “Kill Blockbuster” moment, and when we get there, I know everything we do – internally and externally – will be pointed at what we are trying to accomplish. And, the simplicity will help us crush it.