Take Care of Your Clients or Someone Else Will
Take Care of Your Clients or Someone Else Will

Prove to your clients every single day that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

There is no real secret to new business development. It boils down to finding prospects who are unhappy in their current situation. Then, you show them what the light at the end of the tunnel could look like. But that’s only if they use your service, join your company or even make a life changing decision and buy your franchise or business.

Most new business or new recruitment opportunities come on the heels of a potential client or colleague having a rough moment in their current situation. It is up to you to be in the right place at the right time.

For us, at No Limit Agency, we are focused on two aspects of recruitment. What can we do internally to ensure, to our best abilities, that our clients don’t think the grass is greener? And how do we position ourselves to be the shoulder the new client leans on when looking for a new experience?

Both scenarios require both reactive and proactive tactics.

Let’s begin with keeping our clients (and keeping the someone else at bay).

We believe in a four-pronged approach to human interactions: Relationship, strategy, service and results.

Everything starts and ends with the relationship. When we launch a new client, we bring our team to their turf to understand their brand. We invest heavily in the initial launch of the account to show them that our core values as an agency (Culture of Respect, Anything is Possible and Give a Shit) are alive and well and that no other agency can come close to competing with us on the relationship side.

Then comes strategy. How do we define the narrative they are trying to tell so that we can help them reach their business goals: new customers, existing customer relationships, new business partners and current business partners. This strategy cannot be one and done. Many agencies get dinged for working hard for a brand for six months and then slowing their commitment. We believe that we can continue to add more bricks to the foundation we build month-over-month and quarter-over-quarter. We believe that anything is possible.

Next is service. By this time we are becoming fast friends on the relationship side and have the first quarter strategy. This umbrella is where many agencies, in my opinion, lose their clients. In my mind, if we can be a service business that happens to be a marketing, PR, advertising and social agency, we win. I wouldn’t even call our process our secret sauce, more so, it’s that we are constantly trying to do the right thing and deliver as much transparency as possible. No secrets.

Finally come the results. Many agencies think that results come first, but results can only happen if the first three categories are rolling. I am overly confident that we deliver more quality and quantity results than any other agency out there.

If we can win in each of those four categories it will be hard for another agency to take care of our clients better than us.

Now, it comes to the non-No Limit Agency clients. Timing is everything. It is up to us to tell a great narrative that we can get in front of as many decision makers as possible so that when they are ready to make a change, we are an option they explore. This comes from our lead process, our digital footprint, us walking our talk, and our sales team. We have built a sales team of seasoned professionals who can walk the talk so that it isn’t just lip service and then a hand-off.

If we don’t take care of our clients, someone else will. We have to own this statement and make sure our clients are given five-star support. If we do that, then, they can potentially be with us for life.