The 8 | May 4, 2018
The 8 | May 4, 2018

The top eight things you probably didn’t need to know in franchising this week.

1. Frantastic: We’re kicking off “The 8” this week with some Frantastic news for McDonald’s fans. One of the brand’s locations in Chicago’s West Loop is adding items from around the world to its menu. The international menu will be rotated regularly, and is launching with signature McDonald’s items from Canada, France, Brazil, China and Australia.

2. Franlebrity: Now that April has officially come to a close, we’re wrapping up our Franlebrity series on 1851’s 2018 Franchise Legal Players. Head to the main site to learn more about what makes Carl Zwisler, David Almeida, David Paris and Ryan Palmer ones to watch.

3. Frash Money: In an effort to bring in more Frash Money, Domino’s is integrating more technology into its system. The brand is introducing voice recognition software in order to streamline orders that are placed over the phone. Domino’s is hoping that the new artificial intelligence feature will give employees more time to focus on preparing orders for customers.

4. Frant of the Week: In today’s digital-centric world, it’s not uncommon for brands to capitalize on current events in order to earn a place in the narrative. However, are there some events that shouldn’t be branded? According to the latest column from No Limit Agency CEO Nick Powills, the answer to that question is “yes.”  There are certain holidays that don’t require a branded approach. It’s important for brands to remember they don’t always have to post content — it’s more impactful to post when there’s something of value to say.

5. Franch Forward: Are you thinking about Franching Forward as an entrepreneur through the franchising business model? Before diving head first into a business ownership opportunity, you’ll want to confirm that this model is right for you. In order to be successful, franchisees need to ensure that they’re financially able to get a business off the ground, willing to follow a system and bring passion to the table.

6. Fran Funny: Why did the angry Jedi cross the road? To get to the dark side.

7. Franspiration:In areas where we don’t have a presence, digital marketing is really where we put most of our focus. We have seen some incredible results due to how specific you are able to get with who you are getting the story in front of.” - Paul Thaxton, Vice President of Brand Management for Primrose School Franchising Co.

8. Franemies vs. Frands: Retail brands — both in and outside of the franchising industry — are looking for new ways to make Frands. Especially as Amazon continues to dominate in the segment, concepts need to find new ways to stand out. That’s why more brands are trying to establish loyalty by making their rewards programs less about points and more about experiences. They’re doing this by offering more personalized services and early or exclusive access to products.