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The Benefits of Being Backed By Multi-Brand Manager WellBiz Brands, Inc.

WellBiz Brands, Inc. provides its portfolio of brands with unmatched levels of support in marketing and recruitment efforts that a single-brand manager simply can’t offer.

WellBiz Brands Inc., a health-and-wellness-focused multi-brand manager, represents brands that provide holistic wellness opportunities to their customers. 

And for the Elements Massage® brand, a premier massage therapy brand that’s been able to grow to more than 240 locations across the U.S. thanks to its industry-leading membership programs, the benefits WellBiz Brands provides are endless. To some prospective franchisees, being backed by a multi-brand company might suggest resources, support and attention are spread too thin, but WellBiz Brands’s robust team and support systems suggest otherwise. 

WellBiz Brands helps provide its brands’ franchisees with the advantage of shared services, meaning not only is the bandwidth of support that much wider, but it’s also that much stronger, more knowledgeable and more secure than any one brand could offer.

“People often undervalue what shared services mean,” said Dedria Ryan, vice president of operations for the Amazing Lash Studio brand. “Prospective franchisees don’t know they need that kind of support if they’re coming from a smaller concept. For example, franchisees can have access to someone like Tony Zak, senior director of employee branding and recruitment, for assistance with studio staffing recruitment strategies or have access to membership trial data that has been acquired through surveys. Many mid-range franchise systems may not have the bandwidth to offer these kinds of resources.”

“WellBiz Brands offers a shared service platform, meaning we’re able to double down on some of the resources we have across all four brands that we manage.  We offer more support, focus and tools than a single brand manager could provide. A single brand isn’t going to be able to have resources to hire a position like mine and have the ability to be totally focused on people,” said Tony Zak.

Zak’s role is unique in that his background in psychology fuels his expertise in people strategy, meaning he can help support Elements Massage franchisees in their sourcing and recruiting of top-notch industry talent. 

“Whether franchisees are recruiting a massage therapist for an Elements Massage studio or finding an esthetician for an Amazing Lash Studio® location, it’s really important to have a solid system in place to help recruit those service providers. At WellBiz Brands we're keeping the best on the team so we can execute brand processes,” he said. 

This kind of hyper-focused approach to assist franchisees in their recruitment and retention processes has allowed WellBiz Brands to build out effective resources that franchisees can use in their own hiring process, like interview templates, onboarding materials and other operational systems focused on studio employee engagement. These tools can help franchisees run their businesses smoothly while making it easier for them to find studio employees who they can be confident in and know will represent the brand well.

And this kind of support isn’t just corporate fluff — these are thoughtfully researched, locally sourced systems and tools that are helping support franchisees in all areas of the country.

“There’s always a local element in marketing, learning and development, and engagement when we’re working on these shared service projects. The power and the magic of what we do comes from inside the studios. I make the best decisions when I’m in the field at an Elements Massage studio seeing what franchisees need based on what they’re experiencing in the studio,” said Ryan.

At its core, WellBiz Brands is dedicated to propelling franchisees toward success. And with the expertise of people like Zak and Ryan behind it, WellBiz Brands can truly provide local business owners with the support they’re looking for.

“It’s a deeper understanding and level of support that shared services are able to give franchisees,” said Ryan. “We know that sticking to those strategic projects is going to help make the franchisees most successful, and that’s why we do it.”

With a single-unit investment range between $312,655 and $560,736*, the Elements Massage® franchise was recently named one of the Top 10 Best Franchises to Buy in the medium investment category by Forbes® . To learn more, visit

*As stated in the March 30, 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document. 

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