The Brass Tap Hops to California
The Brass Tap Hops to California

The upscale pub franchise is preparing to open its first location in the Golden State.

In a matter of weeks, Vacaville will be home to California’s first-ever The Brass Tap.

An upscale pub featuring craft beers, good food and live music, the restaurant franchise will be owned by Diane and Danny Jackson, and their longtime friend Liz Connaughton.

After having long careers serving others, the trio had been considering their options for the future. While at a retirement party, Diane was serving drinks and catering to those in attendance. That’s when the plan to open a restaurant came to fruition.

“They [partygoers] said, ‘You should open a bar,’” Connaughton told The Reporter. “You should cater or do something like this.”

After researching, they came across Tampa, Florida-based The Brass Tap. With nothing of its kind in Vacaville, they recognized a unique opportunity for the area.

“We put all of our life savings into it,” Diane said. “We’ve had huge support from the community. Everyone’s positive.”

“The city, everybody, the people at Visit Vacaville, Melyssa at Visit Vacaville, they’ve been great,” Danny added. “We’re just hoping to have Vacaville fall in love with us.”

They hope to create a great craft beer experience, centering on great local brews, with a focus on being family friendly and accommodating for craft beer aficionados and newcomers alike. The Vacaville Brass Tap will also serve brunch on the weekends.

According to Peter Petrosian, The Brass Tap’s chief development officer, the trio’s business sense and passion are what made the brand confident in their ability to thrive as California’s first location.

“We’re excited about Vacaville. They’re just great people and that’s what the brand itself really attracts,” Petrosian told The Reporter.

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