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The Experts Behind The Brand: How this Lawn Department Supervisor Supports Growth at Joshua Tree Experts

Melissa Lee started at the franchise just two and a half years ago and has seen tremendous growth since.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 02/03/23

Joshua Tree Experts, the Pennsylvania-based service brand known for its reliable Tree Care Maintenance, Plant Health Care, Lawn Care & Pest Control, has seen impressive growth since opening in 2005. Much of this expansion can be attributed to the team of experts behind the brand, who provide unparalleled support necessary for everyone to succeed in delivering the quality services Joshua Tree Experts is known for. 

First and foremost, we have an awesome culture,” said Joshua Malik, CEO of Joshua Tree Experts. “People are amazed at how committed we are to growing. We’ve grown steadily over the past year, and revenue is up double digitals in percentage in all three departments and 20% overall for the business. We work in an industry that is really needed right now, and we’re giving people the opportunity to ride the tailwinds of that demand."

Melissa Lee, Lawn Department Supervisor, is one of the many specialized experts on the Joshua Tree Experts team whose hard work has pushed the brand to grow into a $7 million company. Lee started at Joshua Tree Experts two and a half years ago and has seen the business “grow from a small mom-and-pop to a much bigger, competitive force,” she said. 

Joshua Tree Experts was founded in 2005 as a general tree services and plant health care company. After building out the internal team, infrastructure and customer base for nearly a decade, the brand began to find new ways to serve its loyal clients. Lawn care services were a natural fit, and as a direct result of customer demand, the company established lawn care as its own division in 2017. 

Lee is responsible for overseeing Joshua Tree Experts’ 13 lawn technicians who service over approximately 4,000 customers. She estimates that the brand produces about around 200 jobs daily, so it is important that she makes sure each technician has what they need to serve each customer. This includes being stocked with a large amount of equipment, which Lee is in charge of. 

Since Lee started with the company in June of 2020, there has been tremendous growth within the company as a whole and in the lawn department specifically. When the department began in 2017, it had a couple thousand customers. Lee noted that, over the last year, the department has seen an impressive 30% growth in its number of customers. 

“We are going to be expanding our facilities as well, so that's big for us,” Lee added. “Our customer base has blown up. The Joshua Tree name has opened up a huge market for us, and we're starting to take it over.” 

Looking forward, Joshua Tree Experts has set a goal of signing eight to 12 franchisees in 2023 and 12 or more in 2024. According to the brand, the first franchisees will ideally be located within a five-hour radius of Joshua Tree Experts’ Pennsylvania headquarters.

Ultimately, Lee believes the factor to continually drive growth is the unique culture created by CEO Joshua Malik. 

“It's a great company to work for,” she said. “Everybody knows Josh — he's in the mix with us. He's open to any suggestions we have, and everybody is allowed to participate, not just supervisors but down to the technician level. We want everybody involved. It's a great family.”

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