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The Ideal AWATfit Franchisee Loves Fitness and Is Eager to Leave the Brick-and-Mortar World Behind

The fast-growing fitness brand is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to help promote positivity and health while taking advantage of an attractive and lucrative business model.

In the two short years since fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur Rich Decker founded his mobile fitness concept, AWATfit (All Weather All Terrain Fitness), the business has seen explosive success in its home market of Long Island. AWATfit brings a fully loaded mobile gym built out of the back of a 20-foot pickup truck directly to clients, whether that’s at their homes, the beach, a playing field or anywhere else. AWATfit creates the opportunity for clients to work out in nature, which increases energy and improves mood.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Decker built the AWATfit concept as a deliberate attempt to disrupt a stagnant fitness marketplace and grow fast. As the concept’s early success indicates, the strategy worked. Plus, this was all before the coronavirus pandemic forced consumers to rethink how and where they exercise. 

Now, fitness-oriented entrepreneurs across the country have the opportunity to take advantage of this growing demand for outdoor fitness training and replicate Decker’s success for themselves with AWATfit’s new franchise model. Decker aims to onboard up to 1,000 new franchisees in markets like California, Colorado, Florida and Michigan.

“The ideal AWATfit franchisee is an individual who, first and foremost, loves fitness and being around people,” said Decker. “We are primarily looking for trainers who want to start their own business but don't necessarily have much experience with operations and management, or marketing for that matter.”

Decker notes that owners don't need to spend on ads because the truck is a mobile ad in itself. “I’ll be parked in a parking lot and people will take pictures of the truck,” Decker said. “It’s a billboard you can’t pay for. I’ve never had to spend millions on rent and advertising to promote this business. All I’ve got is a really cool website, a social media presence and a 20-foot truck.” 

AWATfit is the perfect opportunity for someone who may own or work in a brick-and-mortar location and is looking to pack their truck and drive away from that model due to COVID-19. 

“I’ve done the brick-and-mortar thing, and I got sick of it,” Decker said. “The whole industry hasn’t changed in decades even though more people are working out than ever before. I saw a big opportunity there. Our trucks are set to blow away the brick-and-mortar gym industry.”

With that in-demand, remote model, AWATfit is ideal for anyone who is looking for a business with a low entry cost, low overhead and the ability to be up and running in only 30 days. Plus, AWATfit offers a simple, flexible opportunity in which entrepreneurs can control their own schedule and do something they love with the support of an expert team behind them. It's a model that's extremely well-positioned for success in a post-coronavirus world — Decker has seen a nearly 90% net ROI in the Long Island market.

“AWATfit owners will be working with members of all ages and building relationships by supporting each individual in bettering their life,” said Decker. “My youngest client is 10 years old, and my oldest is 86. That’s a range you are not going to see at traditional gyms. Overall, the ideal AWATfit franchisee is someone who loves helping people achieve a healthier and more positive lifestyle, but also loves putting cash in their pocket while doing it.”

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