The Secret Garden Spa's Vivian Pisano Makes Life Improvement Part of Customer Service
The Secret Garden Spa's Vivian Pisano Makes Life Improvement Part of Customer Service

Franchisee shares her secrets for going above and beyond for customers.

Sounds simple and although most business owners (even the unsuccessful ones) think they understand their customers, but do they really? Not an easy task but definitely critical - how else can you deliver "value" for your customers unless you truly understand who they are and what they want?
Recently, our team had a great time visiting with our client Vivian Pisano - owner of The Secret Garden Spa. Vivian is passionate about what she does and, more important, she is one of the smartest business owners that I know. Vivian is focused on her business systems, constantly monitoring her business metrics and, best of all, she is truly focused on understanding her customers and creating valuable services and experiences for them. Not only does Vivian focus on providing great services to her clients (something many businesses do) she is also focused on delivering extra value (something very few businesses do). How does she do it? Well, she does it by genuinely caring about her clients and providing them with services and seminars that are focused on their wellness and sharing Vivian's passion for wellness and a sustainable lifestyle.

After listening to Vivian's entrepreneurial story and the stories of many of our successful clients, one common thread is that these entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do, they build a tribe of dedicated raving fan followers and they do this by delivering "extra-ordinary value". Entrepreneurs like Vivian not only provide exceptional service at a fair price. They are also obsessed with providing their clients and customers with a whole lot more. In Vivian's case, The Secret Garden Spa is not only about salon and spa services but also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and assisting her clients in improving their lives.

Visualizing Her Business Then Taking Action. At the 1:13 mark of the video above there is a great image of Vivian's "Inspiration Book" where she put together her ideas for her spa. It is amazing to see this book and how, eventually, what she drew and wrote down came to reality.

Wellness: The Added Value. Vivian is focused on the wellness of her clients and not just providing them with spas services. So much so, that some of the "services" that The Secret Garden Spa offers is focused on seminars designed to inform and empower her clients. At the 3:32 mark of the video, Vivian talks about The Secret Garden Spa's "Bloom Workshops" that, according to Vivian, was motivated by the desire to "...educate the community about powerful lifestyle choices..."

When I think about Vivian and The Secret Garden Spa, the term that comes to mind is "purpose driven entrepreneurship". For Vivian, her purpose goes far beyond the services that her business offers and it turns out that this purpose adds tremendous value to her customers. No wonder The Secret Garden Spa is so successful and well regarded. How does you business deliver extra value?