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The Top 10 Emerging Fitness Franchises Ready to Take Over the Industry

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans’ awareness of health and wellness increased substantially. These 10 concepts are taking advantage of that spike in demand.

According to IBISWorld, the gym, health and fitness clubs market is currently worth over $30 billion, and it is expected to continue growing this year. As such, many young fitness franchise concepts are positioned to take off, growing to meet the ever-increasing demand. 

“Fitness currently lends itself well to franchising, especially high-ticket, niche fitness opportunities like resistance training,” Jared Weitz, CEO of United Capital Source Inc., said in a Forbes article. “The profit margins are healthy, and fitness is an evergreen industry that will always have demand. Similarly, niche fitness opportunities are booming right now, with more consumers than ever flocking to unique fitness opportunities.”

Here are 10 concepts to keep an eye on.



INITIAL INVESTMENT: $409,022–$478,441

BODY20 is a “revolutionary, technology-based training that gives you the results you want in a fraction of the time.” According to the brand’s website, members utilize an electro-muscle stimulation suit to support notable progress in just 20-minute training session increments. These suits are said to give your body “over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout without any need to pick up a weight or use traditional gym equipment.”

Chris Pena, president of BODY20, described the concept’s standard member in a press release as “someone who leads a driven and active lifestyle, who is health- and wellness-conscious and puts a high value on how they allocate their time. That’s why BODY20’s 20-minute workout is so attractive.”

Row House


INITIAL INVESTMENT: $247,116–$483,316

Row House is a fitness franchise that brings rowing workouts to communities everywhere. The founders believe that rowing is the most efficient, low-impact way to get a full-body workout, and it can be taken on by individuals of any level of fitness. The workouts are also meant to bring the camaraderie of official rowing teams to everyday fitness-class-goers.

RockBox Fitness


INITIAL INVESTMENT: $252,292–$588,206

RockBox Fitness is a boxing-based fitness concept that advertises an aim to make fitness easier, more approachable and more efficient. In just 50 minutes, members are guided through a range of rotating exercises and boxing combos. Each location also offers nutrition guidance, accountability coaching and specific body transformation programs.

Basecamp Fitness


INITIAL INVESTMENT: $435,878–$846,132

Basecamp Fitness leverages 35-minute, high-energy interval training sessions to support members in growing in their fitness. “The workout is one of the fastest and most efficient programs on the market and solves the needs of our customers’ busy lifestyle,” the website says. 

Basecamp’s parent franchisor is Self Esteem Brands, which also oversees fitness giant Anytime Fitness, indicating franchisees will have an especially strong support network standing behind them.

Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs


INITIAL INVESTMENT: $279,849–$575,499

Fitness Premier is a quickly-growing gym concept that seeks to provide access to high-quality fitness and wellness resources in communities that traditionally are not targeted by big-box gyms. With a wide range of member offerings and a strong franchise support network, Fitness Premier offers a unique investment opportunity to passionate franchisees looking to break into the fitness space in a new way.



INITIAL INVESTMENT: $104,500–$495,000

KickHouse was born in 2020—when COVID-19 was introduced, and conversations about health and fitness rose. The kickboxing franchise advertises a workout that promotes both physical and mental resilience in its members, and the franchisor has similarly proven its resilience.

“Birthed during the COVID-19 pandemic, KickHouse has resilience in its DNA and perseverance as a critical differentiator,” its website says. “Both the franchisor and the kickboxing franchise owners in the KickHouse system are committed to consistently improved operations.”



INITIAL INVESTMENT: $320,616–$495,516

According to its website, AKT is “the only dance-based full-body fitness franchise.” The concept brings something fresh to the fitness world, branching out beyond the more standard high-intensity interval training, boxing and weight training models. By leveraging the connection and community associated with dance, AKT sets its franchisees up to establish a strong, loyal customer base.

Kika Stretch Studios


INITIAL INVESTMENT: $75,710–$109,140

Fitness isn’t only about sweating and max heart rate. Kika Stretch Studios provides guided stretching of sorts, which can help with pain, improve flexibility, and overall athletic performance and increase relaxation. 

“Coined as the ‘newest trend in fitness’ by the New York Times, Kika Stretch Studios was created to help people move with ease, reduce stress, and improve flexibility,” the website says. “KIKA brings a new and exciting experience to a customer and franchise buyer, with a boutique stretching facility created for people looking to achieve mental clarity, move with ease, reduce stress, improve flexibility, or release tension.”

Core Progression Elite Personal Training


INITIAL INVESTMENT: $170,500–$460,030

Core Progression Elite Personal Training is built on a foundation of providing, well, elite personal training. In one-on-one and small-group settings, members can review personalized training sessions and education that will propel them forward in their fitness journey.

A key differentiator for the model, which benefits both members and franchisees, is the concept’s unwillingness to embrace the big-box approach. Rather than signing as many members as possible and just hoping they stick around, Core Progression Elite Personal Training owners are encouraged to create a customized experience that lends itself to long-term relationship development.

Special Strong


INITIAL INVESTMENT: $56,875–$68,700

Special Strong is a franchise concept that provides adaptive fitness opportunities for children, adolescents, and adults with physical and mental challenges. According to the brand’s website, nearly 25% of all Americans have a disability, but not many fitness concepts cater to them directly. Special Strong is positioned, with a unique offering, to draw in a loyal, yet traditionally underserved, customer base.

“This gives me an opportunity to shine and really make a difference in the community,” founder and CEO Daniel Stein said in an interview with 1851.