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What Equipment Do The Carpet Chemist Franchise Owners Need to Buy?

The Carpet Chemist provides everything franchise owners need to open and grow their business.

The Carpet Chemist’s business model has been fine-tuned to ensure franchise owners get up and running quickly. To that end, the brand provides everything needed to run and grow the business.

“We want our franchise owners to hit the ground running when they open their territory,” said Brandon Cerrito, CEO of The Carpet Chemist. “Each owner is provided with everything they need not only to start the business but to continue growing. They are not going to run into any hidden costs down the road where they learn they need to buy additional products or equipment to provide more services or anything like that.”

Included in the startup costs to open a The Carpet Chemist is a brand new, fully stocked and wrapped van, which franchise owners will use to visit customers and perform all services. No additional equipment is required. And because all administrative functions can be performed at home — or even in the van with just a cell phone or laptop — franchise owners don’t have to lease any real estate.

Before opening, The Carpet Chemist provides all new franchise owners with a comprehensive 10-day training program, which will cover everything an owner needs to know to effectively execute the brand’s wide range of consumer services. And the training doesn’t end after the grand opening. The Carpet Chemist regularly adds new training videos and educational resources so franchisees can continue to provide best-in-class services as the brand grows.

By providing all equipment and training owners need to open and grow their business, The Carpet Chemist provides a truly turnkey operation that requires minimal industry experience and capital.

“Simplicity is the name of the game.” said Cerrito. “We’ve made this business simple to open, simple to operate and simple to grow. That allows us to work with the best franchise partners, regardless of their professional experience.”

The total investment to franchise with The Carpet Chemist ranges from $77,000 to $109,000, including a $25,000 franchise fee. For more information on franchising with The Carpet Chemist, please visit