How Lisa and John Chambers Used The Glass Guru’s Exceptional Business Model to Become the Glass Gurus of Their Neighborhood
How Lisa and John Chambers Used The Glass Guru’s Exceptional Business Model to Become the Glass Gurus of Their Neighborhood

The happily married duo have utilized each other’s skills to grow their business throughout Mason, Ohio.

According to Lisa and John Chambers, a foggy window is what started everything. When the couple of 23 years had trouble finding a company to help fix their windows, they decided to do some research on their own. Before long, The Glass Guru came into their lives.

With over 80 active locations and counting, The Glass Guru’s franchise opportunity gives entrepreneurs of all backgrounds the chance to open their own glass and window restoration and replacement business, complete with a proven business plan, marketing tools, ample training and an experienced support team to help them achieve their goals.

After years in corporate America, I became disillusioned,” said John. “Lisa and I wanted something where we could control our own destiny. After that day with the foggy window, we did some research and realized that The Glass Guru would be a great business fit for us.”

The Chambers made some calls and soon found themselves at the brand’s Discovery Day, learning everything they could from The Glass Guru’s executive team. 

“Overall, we were comfortable moving forward with The Glass Guru because we had great confidence in the leadership team,” said John. “We are 100% confident that everything the team does is to improve the lives of the franchisees. They provide great resources to help us hit our goals.”

Lisa Chambers echoed her husband's praise for the hands-on approach of the executive team. “They’ve been very helpful, friendly and encouraging,” she said. “I wouldn’t be in the same position I am now without their guidance.”

Once the couple was able to get their business up and running, they quickly found that there was a built-in niche right around the corner. According to John, the whole neighborhood had the same foggy window problem they’d had and was actively seeking the right window company to help. This reiterated the Chambers’ confidence that they had a product they could be passionate about. 

As a marketing director at a home care company, Lisa Chambers was no stranger to service-based businesses. Now, she is utilizing her marketing skills as “the face” of their Glass Guru franchise operation.

“We definitely are looking to grow the business in our current location,” said Lisa. “I spend a lot of time networking, whether it be through Business Networking International or working with real estate agents in the area. I am also involved with two chambers of commerce. The work itself also allows for strong word-of-mouth brand recognition and expansion.” 

According to John, it seems like everyone in the neighborhood and surrounding communities knows of their business because of Lisa. The couple has been able to utilize each other’s skills alongside the Glass Guru team for optimal success. 

The success seen by the pair isn’t uncommon among franchisees in The Glass Guru’s system, something that’s enabled the brand to establish a strong presence nationwide. Backed by this proven business system, The Glass Guru has made a name for itself as a leader in glass services and is ultimately looking to grow to 250 locations in North America within the next five to 10 years.

“We love running our own company, hiring good employees and creating opportunities for them,” said John. “When we look back to where we started with The Glass Guru, we can’t believe how far we’ve come.”

Franchisees who sign on to become a member of The Glass Guru team can expect their initial investment to range from $72,750 to $179,500, including a franchise fee that falls between $17,500 and $52,500. For more information, visit https://theglassgurufranchise.com/

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