These Chains Really Deliver, Literally
These Chains Really Deliver, Literally

A handy list of the latest businesses that will bring your food and/or drinks to you.

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Delivery is the new black. 
Fast-food and fast-casual chains are adapting to technology's lighting-fast changes. Domino's Pizza makes ordering your favorite pie as simple as texting a pizza emoji, for instance. Customers set up a pizza profile in the company's online delivery service, where they can save what's known as an easy order. 
Everyone else seems to be getting on board with getting your favorite sandwich, taco, doughnuts or coffee to you, whether you're in the office or snuggled up under a comforter at home suffering from a nasty cold.
Mobile delivery apps are being rolled out at several franchises, including Dunkin' Donuts and 7-Eleven. The iconic Slurpee, however, won't be delivered for now, The New York Times reports. There's not yet a way to keep it in its pristine frozen state. 

Entrepreneur has a handy list of 11 chains that recently revealed plans to start testing delivery to the masses. Never leave home again. 

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