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Togo’s Franchisee and Community ‘Man of the Year’ Greg Wimp Is Bringing the Brand’s New Look and Feel to the Santa Cruz Area

How the Togo’s 3.0 refresh has positioned multi-unit franchisee Greg Wimp for success.

With a background in tech, Greg Wimp didn’t foresee himself operating a sandwich franchise. Little did the former COO know he would soon be recognized as the man who “put Togo’s back on the map” in his Bay Area community. 

After leaving the tech world in 2017, Wimp found himself eager to combine a love of business with a desire to help his community. It didn’t take long for Wimp to opt for the beloved California-based sandwich shop. 

Togo’s is a very well known brand in this area,” said Wimp. “I came upon a listing and decided to talk to some friends about the opportunity. Togo’s seemed to be the perfect option for getting involved with my community while also succeeding financially.”

While Togo’s has been making made-to-serve sandwiches with the highest quality fresh ingredients since 1971, the brand has recently begun system-wide implementation of a revitalization effort to bring Togo’s in-line with a younger consumer base. Instead of settling for the past, Togo’s has decided to build a store of the future—aptly named Togo’s 3.0— to reimagine the company with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, innovation and a modern flair.   

Greg, who currently owns three Togo’s units, is set to open a new location in line with the updated operating model and couldn’t be more thrilled about the brand refresh. “The store has a completely new look; it’s fresh, modern and clean. Togo’s 3.0. is more in line with what the younger generation is looking for, but people of all ages are going to be very excited.”

The redesign is set to feature a fresh new logo, employee uniforms, in-store color palette and menu. For the first time, Togo’s is set to roll out a line of hot sandwiches, including its new line of hot and melty chicken sandwiches. 

Along with the redesign, Togo’s has developed a more streamlined kitchen system. The new “Speed Line” model will include state-of-the-art equipment. Customers will be given a clear view of the kitchen to emphasize back of house efficiency, where an assembly-line approach leads to a faster and more accurate ordering experience. Additionally, Togo’s 3.0 stores feature POS kiosks for easier ordering. All of this, along with the inclusion of a new third-party delivery partnership, has positioned the brand for explosive growth. Togo’s Emeryville location, the first to be updated, has already seen a 15% increase in same-store sales since opening in April. 

Wimp is confident that the new and improved Togo’s will prove to make a splash in his new Watsonville location as well. He would know, since becoming a franchisee he’s been getting more and more involved with the community. 

We sponsor local races in the area,” Wimp said. “The Boys & Girls Club opened a brand new clubhouse in one of our towns and we provided the food for their grand opening. I love doing events like that because it leads to a lot of great connections.”

With his recent involvement in the community, Wimp has come to be known for his unique outfit choices during local races. “I started dressing up in a Togo’s cup for one of the races and people have definitely started recognizing me for that,” Wimp said. “I love the comradery that comes with meeting new people.” The work certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed in the communities our restaurants are located in, with Wimp’s recent community outreach leading him to be named his local community’s “Man of the Year.” 

As the Togo’s 3.0 evolution continues, Wimp is delighted to be involved with the franchise during such an exciting period. “There is a lot of great energy surrounding the brand right now and things are moving in a great direction. With this current team and strategy in place, I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future.”