5 Ways to Tell If Togo’s Will Be a Good Fit for You
5 Ways to Tell If Togo’s Will Be a Good Fit for You

Are you ready to be a member of Team Togo’s?

Whether you are a first-time franchisee or a multi-unit operator for multiple brands, selecting the right franchisor will likely be the most important decision you will face in your career. Every concept offers its own operational model, financial structure, marketing strategy, and culture, so it’s important to find a brand that complements your skillset.  

Here are five questions to help decide if Togo’s is the right fit for you:

1. Are you able to apply someone else’s business model and embrace the “Power of We?”

Togo’s has been scaling and refining their franchise model for over 40 years, making it one of the most reliable concepts in the fast-casual segment. Successful Togo’s owners want to be members of “Team Togo’s” and learn the Togo’s way inside and out. They know exactly how to apply the procedures and best practices the brand has developed over the years.

2. Do you have a passion for the Togo’s Brand?

Togo’s is looking for owners who have a genuine passion for the taste and quality of their products. Owners are brand ambassadors not only to their customers but to their staff as well, and a passionate owner will find that their attitude is infectious, inspiring staff to take a personal stake in their work.

3. Are you customer service oriented?

Togo’s is a brand designed around an enjoyable customer experience. The sandwiches, the ordering system, and even the design of the restaurant have been fine-tuned to create a better experience than customers find at other sandwich concepts. 

A Togo’s owner may not always work directly with customers, but it’s important that every aspect of the operation is run with the customer experience in mind. Staff management, inventory, technology, and every other facet of the business must be run with the customer as the top priority. 

4. Are you community oriented?

The most successful Togo’s restaurants are not only local businesses, they are local landmarks, integral to their community. A store owner who is engaged with the community is can create a special loyalty to Togo’s among customers. 

5. Do you enjoy working and socializing with people?

Togo’s owners maintain a number of vital relationships. From store employees to vendors and suppliers to corporate contacts, and most importantly, to customers. An owner who enjoys meeting and working with different people from all walks of life can be a great fit.

Startup costs for a Togo’s store range from $274,000 to $508,700. To learn more, click here.