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Top 10 HR Suppliers for Franchises

Need some human resources help? Here are ten great options for outsourcing your HR operations in 2022.

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Updated 12:12PM 06/28/22

Are you looking to outsource your human resources? Then you’re in luck. With the help of industry experts, we’ve compiled a list of ten leading HR service providers for franchises. Whether you need help protecting your business model, recruiting new employees, caring for your current staff or growing your bottom line, these companies have the know-how to help you navigate the HR demands of today.


More than 700,000 U.S. companies rely on Paychex, a preferred vendor of the International Franchise Association (IFA). The company reduces the complexity of human resources by offering simple, easy-to-follow approaches to things like payroll, benefits packages and insurance options. Its versatile platform allows companies to create productive workplaces both onsite and remote.


HiringThing is an intuitive online recruiting software that makes it easy to post jobs online, manage applicants and hire quality employees. The software is easy to navigate, adaptable across multiple businesses and comes with plenty of tech support. HiringThing’s pricing models also allow users to bill clients quickly and generate additional revenue for their business.


TriNet takes the stress out of HR solutions by offering a solid customer support team available 24/7 via mobile texting (with real-time instant messaging). Besides answering HR-related questions, TriNet experts can provide strategic guidance on topics such as setting compensation levels for your company. As a bonus, TriNet recently acquired Zenefits, another leader in the HR outsourcing space, to cater to its small and medium business clients. Both companies offer helpful mobile apps to complement their desktop software.


ADP (Automatic Data Processing Inc.) has long been a force in the payroll processing industry. Its offerings are customizable to the company's needs, whether a 50-person operation or one with 500-plus employees. ADP's full range of outsourcing capabilities includes standout performance management features. They're generally praised for their customer service, as their HR services span the entire employee life cycle. They're also one of the few outsourcing companies that will conduct first-round interviews for companies.


Who says onboarding has to be boring? 1Huddle is changing how companies think about training by incorporating mobile games into the onboarding experience. Drawing a library of more than 3,000 quick-burst employee skill games, 1Huddle allows companies to make the ordinarily staid processes fun for all employees from the top down. It’s a big reason high-profile clients such as Loews Hotels, Madison Square Garden and the U.S. Air Force have made it their HR provider of choice.


BambooHR offers a sleek, modern, interactive platform and user-friendly recruiting tools. The company is revered for its ability to help fast-scaling companies attract and hire new talent quickly and efficiently. It also operates in more than 70 countries.


Insperity makes navigating complex issues easy thanks to a unique client-focused structure and on-staff experts. The company has dedicated experts available to help clients with attendance, payroll, performance management, recruitment, employee safety, benefits and more. In addition, Insperity clients get a dedicated account representative who can help answer inquiries, provide guidelines and act as a liaison.  


This All-in-One HR Platform focuses on helping companies attract, manage and retain great people. The company’s enterprise-level HR technology suite offers a great employee experience, flexibility, and scalability to adapt to evolving needs. Clients include retail Renewal By Anderson, Regional Rail LLC and UPS.

Universal Background Screening

Universal Background Screening is a top accredited employment screening firm working with franchise organizations nationwide to help reduce hiring risk. The company develops screening programs that can be customized to a company’s organizational needs. It also earns high marks for its customer service and fast turnaround times.

Infiniti HR

Infiniti HR is explicitly designed for U.S.-based franchisors and franchisees of any size and scope. The company gives franchisees the ability to grow faster and smarter thanks to its customizable PEO for Franchises, which can reduce total labor cost, mitigate employer liability through master aggregated risk pools and leverage the economies of scale of a large enterprise.