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Top Franchise Brokers: Ron Sacco, The Franchise Consulting Company

Sacco uses his in-depth franchising experience to guide his entrepreneurial candidates through a well-defined and proven process to find their piece of the American Dream.

Ron Sacco, a franchise consultant at The Franchise Consulting Company, knows what it’s like to embark upon a life-altering business decision. Sacco has been an entrepreneur for 25 years, during which time he started three unique mobile document shredding companies in three different locations and ultimately sold them to national Fortune 500 players. In 2005, Sacco started a senior care franchise where he worked in franchise development and operated the company as the CEO. In 2011, he started a franchise consulting group company called FranFrog, which helps people pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. In 2017, he started another franchise, Junk-it, which is a junk removal and recycling company. 

Now, as a consultant with The Franchise Consulting Company, Sacco shares his expertise with his clients by helping match them with the ideal franchise opportunity.

“Winning as a broker for me looks the same as winning for the franchisee candidates I work with — it is about consistency and persistence,” said Sacco. “The consulting business has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, and there are a lot of excellent franchise consultants out there, so it can be hard to stand out. If you are consistent and true to yourself, that passion will carry through to the candidate and they will understand you are there for them and trying to help them achieve their dream.”

Watch the full interview with Sacco above or on YouTube.