Top Pet Franchises Over 50 Units
Top Pet Franchises Over 50 Units

These animal-centric brands are leading the way in this booming segment of the franchising industry.

The rapidly expanding pet products and services market is poised to pull in $91 billion in revenue by 2019, according to the American Pet Products Association. Pet ownership has been on the rise for the past two decades with approximately 48 percent of U.S. households owning a dog, the APPA estimates. These numbers contribute to the demand for boarding, grooming, care and retail services for our four-legged winged and scaled companions that are more often than not considered full-blown family members. These are the franchises with the size and scope to further command the growing segment.

Wild Birds Unlimited*

Unit count: Over 300 domestic and international locations

Investment range: $146,516 – $249,956

Founded in 1981, Wild Birds Unlimited was one of the first specialty retail stores of its kind. Selling supplies for bird feeding and bird watching, including birdhouses, feeders, food and binoculars, the brand grew from its Indiana roots into a thriving community built on appreciation and education. The brand began franchising in 1983 and has since built its empire on an engaging customer experience and specialty products like original bird feed blends and patented bird feeders and hardware. Wild Birds Unlimited also plays an important societal role in the communities where it is established due to its continued environmental education and conservation efforts.

Pet Supplies Plus

Unit count: Over 400 locations

Investment range: $463,400-$993,400

Pet Supplies Plus is a retail franchise business that has served pet owners for over 25 years. The brand’s identity is centered on its neighborhood feel; local, independently-owned stores operate in smaller communities and retail spaces to foster a sense of convenience and accessibility for customers that its larger corporate competitors cannot. Founded in Michigan in 1988, Pet Supplies Plus is the only local, independently owned pet supply franchise. Pet Supplies Plus offers food, toys and grooming products for household animals of all kinds and is well-situated in the lucrative pet product and services market, leaving the brand poised for growth with new initiatives like its ‘You Click, We Fetch’ campaign.

Camp Bow Wow

Unit count: More than 150 locations worldwide

Investment range: $783,500-$1,485,000
The first Camp Bow Wow opened in Colorado in 2000 and began franchising in 2003. The brand established itself in the segment by offering daycare services and overnight boarding for dogs, emphasizing safety and service by providing live webcams that allow customers to check in on their dogs whenever. Certain locations provide grooming and training services, but all give four-legged campers the chance to run, play and have fun while their owners are busy with other aspects of their lives. Tallying 3.2 million dog visits annually, Camp Bow Wow is the largest pet care franchise in the U.S.  

All American Pet Resorts

Unit count: 80 locations nationwide

Investment range: $10,000-$50,000

All American Pet Resorts is a luxury pet boarding, grooming and daycare service franchise with more than 30 years of experience. The brand’s main focus is customer satisfaction, with procedures in place to measure the quality of the client experience at all resorts on a monthly basis. Location size varies by region, but all are staffed round-the-clock to ensure a safe and healthy experience for every dog that stays under its roof. All American Pet Resorts’ commitment to franchisee autonomy (each location runs its own site and features unique amenities) allows for continued product innovation and process improvement, leading to unit and customer base growth.


Unit count: 70-plus domestic and international locations

Investment range: $606,545-$1,321,145
Dogtopia is a fast-growing dog daycare, boarding and spa provider that treats its customers’ pets like its own, regardless of breed, age, size or ability. The franchise emphasizes safety and transparency. Its large facilities are specially designed to be a full-service animal care provider. The Phoenix, Arizona-based brand was founded in 2002 and has been franchising since 2005. At Dogtopia facilities, pups socialize, exercise and learn positive behavior under the supervision of highly-trained staff, a platform that has led to steady growth for the franchise since it came on the scene.


Unit count: Over 180 locations in the U.S., Canada, China, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, El Salvador and Saudi Arabia

Investment range: $280,000-$1,034,000
Ohio-based Petland, a full-service retail pet center, was founded in 1967 and began franchising four years later. In addition to wholesale distribution of pet care merchandise, the brand is in the business of pet sales. Petland employs detailed training programs to educate its staff in animal care, with in-store systems in place to ensure all animals are happy, healthy and matched with the correct customer. The franchise also initiates community service programs at its locations that are aimed at placing homeless pets in homes and preventing animal overpopulation in the immediate community. Petland’s proprietary operating model and commitment to animal welfare distinguish it from other pet stores, leading to the brand’s worldwide expansion, most recently in Saudi Arabia.

Pet Wants

Unit count: 80 franchise units nationwide

Investment range: $56,830-$191,000

The Pet Wants franchise provides pets with delicious, all-natural food and their owners with unmatched convenience. Founded in 2010 with franchising beginning in 2015, the brand’s unique offering of hand-crafted, small-batch pet food made with fresh, natural ingredients supplemented with vitamins and and nutrients keeps diets balanced and tails wagging. Nothing is pre-packaged and all food is specifically tailored to the animal that will be eating it. Pet Wants’ franchise offering is just as unique as its product; the brand offers a retail store model and mobile model, both with a delivery option. Beyond just offering Pet Wants food, franchisees are empowered to select premium lines of pet products from carefully curated vendors for their stores to boost revenue.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training

Unit count: Over 125 franchises in the U.S. and Canada

Investment range: $49,775-$145,850

Sit Means Sit Dog Training was established in Las Vegas in 2009 with the goal of providing obedience and behavior training for dogs of all ages. As the brand evolved and refined its specialized training approach, which was developed by founder Fred Hassen, its services base expanded to include the training of puppies, police dogs, service dogs and more. The Sit Means Sit methodology is constantly evolving to help trainers and dogs communicate more effectively, leading the franchise to new heights in growth and revenue.

Pet Butler

Unit count: Operating in approximately 100 territories in the U.S.

Investment range: $30,000-$42,000

Regardless of how much anyone loves their pet, they love picking up after them a lot less. Pet Butler built its business around that little chore that pet owners dislike doing, and has risen to national prominence as a result. The brand’s service offering is simple: customers schedule a weekly service, Pet Butler, which picks up and removes their animal’s waste - end of transaction. Additional odor eliminator, litter box change, commercial scooping and flea and tick spray services are also offered. The Seattle-based company has been around since 1988, though did not begin franchising until 2005.

Aussie Pet Mobile

Unit count: Over 250 domestic and international units

Investment range: $140,050-$149,050

Aussie Pet Mobile, founded in Australia in 1996, is a franchise that provides mobile dog and cat services in their specially-designed vans, serving customers right at their doors. The brand established such a strong and sustained American presence that it relocated its headquarters to California in 1999. The climate-controlled, eco-friendly vans do not rely on outside electric or water connections and provide groomers and pets the space they need. Aussie Pet Mobile’s business model is built on convenience and gives customers the ability to keep their pets clean and comfortable within their busy schedules. Franchisees benefit from no real estate costs and flexible working hours.

*Brands marked with an asterisk are clients of 1851 Franchise or No Limit Agency.