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TheStreet: This Ex-Domino's Employee Reveals Why He Left to Start a 'Better' Pizza Chain

Toppers founder and president Scott Gittrich discusses his path to starting his own pizza franchise

Toppers Pizza was founded behind a principle of doing pizza better and as the Wisconsin-based franchise brand nears 80 locations and continues to expand, the company continues to be committed to that cause. In a recent article on, founder and president Scott Gittrich related how as a former Domino's employee, he saw how much better of a pizza experience he could offer, calling out the cheap cheese used by his former employer and other chains like Papa John's.

"How much they're really shifting to fresh ingredients and how much they're marketing that they are, are two different things," Gittrich told "If you look at the ingredients in their cheese, it reads more like [those on] a shampoo bottle." Toppers Pizza grew to $61.9 million in revenue in 2016 from $34.5 million in 2012. The franchise projects it will open its milestone 100th restaurant in 2018.

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