Total Restaurants in the U.S. Down by 1%
Total Restaurants in the U.S. Down by 1%

As restaurant traffic continues to slow, several independent establishments are being put out of business.

The overall number of restaurants across the nation is decreasing. According to a recent article in Nation’s Restaurant News, a 1% drop was seen across the industry at large, bringing the combined total to 660,755 restaurants.

“The primary source of the decline in U.S. restaurant units was a 2 percent drop in independent restaurant units compared to a stable restaurant chain count,” the Chicago-based information company reported,” the NPD Group Recount census reported.

The total number of independent restaurants was down by 5,719 compared to 2017. Annie Roberts, VP of NPD, explained the the decline in units reflects the shrinking amount of traffic seen in restaurants over the last few years.

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