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Wall Street Journal: Toppers Pizza Founder and President Weighs in on Trump Presidency

Founder & President Scott Gittrich is Optimistic About Future of Franchising

In the first days of Trump's presidency, it appears that business leaders are poised for a positive four years. As reported recently in the Wall Street Journal, Trump has tapped a variety of chief executives for his cabinet and team of advisors - and many CEO's across the country are optimistic about what this means for their business interests in comparison to how things went under the Obama administration.

Toppers Pizza* is a better pizza franchise concept with nearly 80 restaurants across more than a dozen states. Founder and president Scott Gittrich told the WSJ that under the former administration, he felt that some restaurant leaders were made out to be villains but that Trump's election is “an endorsement of what I do and my chosen vocation.” 

He's also optimistic about a franchise industry executive (Andy Puzder, chief executive of CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc.) in the cabinet. “Holy smokes, one of us is going to be on the cabinet. Wow," Gittrich added. 

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