What does your brand’s color say about your brand?
What does your brand’s color say about your brand?

McDonald’s is not yellow for the hell of it and American Express isn’t blue because they love the sky

Yes, dear friend, you should over think the color of your brand. It could mean everything – especially after you understand the way customer’s brains react to color.

In this article on INKBOT DESIGN, titled How Color Affects Marketing and Branding Design, the branding agency states, “all of our strengths are our weaknesses at the same time.”

So, Mr. or Ms. Franchise Brand – are you using the right colors to sell your pizzas and your franchises?

The article goes on to read:

One of the key objectives of branding is to form the correct image of the product and to convey the message to a target consumer, giving the product the characteristics that the consumer wants.

A color is a part of the brand’s image, so the right choice of color will help you to call for the right emotions, which ultimately force the visitor to take advantage of your services.

The color is important for any product or service: it plays a crucial role in the design of the products of mass demand.

Also, the right choice of color for company logo design or its product and services can help companies operating in the B2B market to build a trust and a positive attitude.

To read the complete article, visit the INKBOT DESIGN blog. Also, to find more cool branding images, check out http://myrandawicks.ca/ (credited for color definition).