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What New PPP Transparency Rules Means for Franchise Brands

IFA's Matt Haller joins Nick Powills and Charles Internincola to discuss the SBA’s new disclosure guidelines for small business loans over $150,000.

As expected, the Treasury and SBA have agreed to disclose previously confidential details regarding any small business loan above $150,000. The new rules will reveal the name of the recipient as well as the range of the loan amount:

  • $150,000–350,000
  • $350,000–1 million
  • $1–2 million
  • $2–5 million
  • $5–10 million

What do the new disclosure rules mean for franchise brands, and how should you communicate the changes to your network? 1851 publisher Nick Powills and Internicola Law* Firm managing partner Charles Internicola are joined by IFA’s Matt Haller to discuss.

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