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Why Buy a Home When You Can Buy a Happy Meal Toy?

McDonald’s adult happy meals have been gaining traction over the past few weeks. Now, some toys that come in the meal box are listed on eBay for as much as $300,000.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 11:11AM 10/24/22

Clearly, McDonald’s has a strong history and an incredibly identifiable brand. As such, the concept announced a line of Adult Happy Meals a few weeks ago, meant to provide a bit of nostalgia for the 90’s babies who first enjoyed the standard Happy Meal as children.

In its announcement, McDonald’s said the offer would only be valid through the end of the month.

Now, it’s October 24th, and the pressure is on.

“We had a feeling the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box would be big… and leading up to the launch, we prepped crew with training and resources in anticipation of higher traffic in restaurants,” McDonald’s USA said in a statement. “After just a few days, the excitement we’re seeing from fans has been nothing short of incredible. Our restaurant crew members are the best in the business, and we appreciate everything they’re doing to serve customers during this limited-time promotion.”  

As TikTok, Reddit and Facebook hear more about the meals, employees are swamped with orders and struggle to keep up during rush hours. Apparently, some experts seem to think that Millennials can’t grow up, and McDonald’s has successfully tapped into that weakness.

With popularity rising, customers are ordering multiple meals in hopes of getting their hands on the exclusive toys that are included alongside the Big Mac combo, and stock is dwindling. 

But don’t worry! If your local McDonald’s is all out, there are plenty of Adult Happy Meal variations to be found online, some of which are selling for over $300,000

After all, if Millennials really can’t grow up, maybe the reminder of childhood is well worth the investment.

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