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Why Charlotte, North Carolina Is the Perfect Location for a Patio Patrol Franchise

Due to its humid weather, Charlotte will allow franchise owners a wide window of operations.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
Updated 2:14PM 05/11/23

Patio Patrol, the emerging full-circle pest control concept, is targeting Charlotte, North Carolina for franchise development. With no existing territories and wide-open space, the brand is looking to add 12 new units to the area. 

“Charlotte is expected to be very successful for Patio Patrol because of its geography and associated climate,” explained Rachel Southard, president of emerging brands. “We’re excited to expand in and around Charlotte, including areas like Huntersville, Concord, Matthews, Mooresville and Cornelius.”

Patio Patrol franchise owners have the opportunity to tap into the booming pest control market, which has been valued at over $20 billion. The brand focuses on full-circle protection against mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other outdoor pests, delivering a service that helps homeowners more safely and comfortably enjoy their outdoor spaces.

Why Charlotte Is Primed for Growth 

Because Charlotte remains relatively warm throughout the year and is known to have hot, humid summers, the window of operations is much longer than in other areas of the country. 

In Charlotte, the hot season lasts for around 3.7 months, from late May to mid-September, with an average daily high temperature above 81°F. By contrast, the cool season lasts for just three months, from late November to late February, with an average daily high temperature below 59°F. Warm, humid weather is where pests thrive, meaning that franchise owners in Charlotte will be sure to find repeat and subscription business from clients. 

Additionally, the population in Charlotte is growing. The current metro area population as of 2023 is 2,267,000, a 2.86% increase from 2022. In 2022, the population was 2,204,000, a 3.38% increase from 2021. Impressively, the city also ranked eighth out of 100 on WalletHub’s 2023 Best Large Cities to Start a Business. The ranking was determined by factors such as business environment, business costs and access to resources. 

Multiple Streams of Revenue

Patio Patrol franchise owners in Charlotte and all over the country have the opportunity to offer a multitude of services to their customers. This means they are able to secure multiple revenue streams under one roof. 

On top of the primary services of mosquito, tick and flea control, the brand also works with clients to address the root of the problem and any other issues that may arise within the home. To give customers the best results possible, Patio Patrol also offers services such as gutter cleaning, leaf removal and screen repair. 

Patio Patrol owners and technicians are trained to provide homeowners a customized service to fit their individual needs and lifestyles. By creating a plan that treats both the source of an infestation and the underlying conditions that created the source, Patio Patrol is able to provide a service that stands out. This personalized service also leads to stronger client relationships and a higher likelihood of referrals and repeat revenue. 

For prospective franchise owners in the area looking to take advantage of the opportunity, the time has never been better. As the brand continues to grow, it is looking to add 12 new territories in Charlotte. And with wide-open territory availability, new franchise owners will be able to lock down their top territory choices and begin operating in no time. 

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