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Why Franchising is a Great Way to Achieve International Expansion

Experts in the field point to the model as an excellent way to grow rapidly across the globe.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 11:11AM 09/01/22

If your goal for your company is global expansion, franchising is one avenue to help get you there. Brands with a strong and stable system that are ready to grow to the next level may benefit significantly from entering international business markets.

As Bubbles Translation explained in a recent post, there is an “initial cash injection from the franchisees paying you to take on the rights to operate using your business model and branding overseas.” Still, the benefits reach beyond just the financials.

You stand to enjoy the benefits of having a brand recognized worldwide without physically being in these different countries building the business. Once you iron out the initial logistics of finding the right franchise candidates and target markets, “the day-to-day operations, including things like management, recruitment, dealing with suppliers, accounting and marketing will become your franchisees’ responsibility,” Bubbles Translation notes. 

So how do franchisors initiate expanding to global operations? 

Network on an International Scale 

Networking is a major tool for finding experts who may be able to represent your brand well in markets far away from headquarters. Luckily, just as there are at local, state and national levels here in America, many international franchise organizations exist.   

The International Franchise Association is a great resource for connecting with business professionals all over. There is also an International Franchise Expo held annually, where industry experts from all over the world gather. Certain brokerage groups like International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) also work with international business organizations. 

Pick the Right Places to Expand 

It’s critical when looking to have your franchise grow on a global scale that the company does not just green light every possible opportunity. Researching different possible markets, identifying what target consumers look like in other countries and spending time ensuring the concept will work is a key part of successful business planning. 

Check on local guidelines and regulations within each place you want to scale. Some countries have stipulations and procedures that business owners must be aware of. Being prepared and informed will save you a lot of headaches with bureaucratic red tape.