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Wild Birds Unlimited Partners With Backyard Nature Products To Create a Line of Eco-Friendly Feeders and Houses

No bird is the same––so why should bird houses be?

By 1851 Staff1851 Staff Contributions
SPONSORED 5:17PM 10/02/19

With fall just around the corner, there’s no better accessory to add to a tree changing colors than Backyard Nature Products’ and Wild Birds Unlimited’s new bird houses and feeders. The two lines of houses and feeders––Modern Rustic and Featherweight––will be available to purchase on October 1, 2019 and incorporate innovation, function and style, all in one product.

Many bird houses and feeders may look pretty, but are they properly serving the birds in your yard? Backyard Nature Products founder Dan Bloedorn built his company based on functionality. According to Backyard Nature Products director and interim president Mike Kasdorf, Bloedorn made it his top priority to create products that included optimal bird-feeding and shelter functions.

“Dan did a lot of studying and co-opted with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and during that time, he created different components which were very innovative in the industry and patented them,” said Kasdorf. “From different screens that could be removed to ones made from mesh that focused on the optimal flow of seeds, Dan developed all of them. We were really the first to do all that.”

While Backyard Nature Products had a large part in constructing and developing the new Modern Rustic and Featherweight product lines, Wild Birds Unlimited was very hands-on when it came to the overall aesthetic. WBU wanted to be sure to give its nature-loving customers a house and feeder that would be both eye-catching and last a lifetime.

“Wild Birds Unlimited is truly a group of bird enthusiasts––and that’s how its customers are too,” said Kasdorf. “Their clientele doesn’t want to hang up an average bird feeder to catch a glimpse of a goldfinch every now and then––they’re hardcore.”

For a more nature-centric and farmhouse vibe, the Modern Rustic line includes feeders and bird houses that will fit right in with the rest of Mother Nature’s creations. The bird feeders and houses in this line are an updated option within Wild Birds Unlimited’s EcoTough line and include a five-eighths-inch recycled-plastic board with a wood-grain finish.

The houses and feeders in the Featherweight line also include boards derived from recycled plastic––except the width of these boards are a half-inch wide, making them thinner and lighter than the EcoTough line. These products encompass a more modern and contemporary style that will make any space feel trendy. If you’re curious about diving—or flying— into the world of birds, Kasadorf claims that this line’s “sleek and streamlined products are perfect for bird beginners because of the affordable price point––yet you’re still getting all the functional elements.”

Sustainability is a worldwide trend when it comes to the business world and Kasadorf strongly believes that a company that creates products for nature should do its part in putting its greenest foot forward.

“It’s the way of the future,” said Kasadorf. “We need to be doing our part for the environment and Backyard Nature Products and Wild Birds Unlimited are both focused on creating products that serve nature.”

These homes and feeders are designed to serve different types of birds––and just like humans, no two birds are the exact same. Backyard Nature Products and Wild Birds Unlimited made sure that these two new product lines will leave all birds satisfied and coming back to your yard for years to come.

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