Wine & Design’s Design It Yourself Division Takes Classes Beyond the Canvas to Diversify Options for Guests and Franchisees
Wine & Design’s Design It Yourself Division Takes Classes Beyond the Canvas to Diversify Options for Guests and Franchisees

The paint and sip franchise’s D.I.Y. division focuses on artistic endeavors in multiple mediums, adding value for guests and franchisees alike.

With a robust five-division business model and lean operating strategy that work hand-in-hand, Wine & Design is breaking the mold of traditional paint and sip concepts. The 80-unit brand franchise opportunity stands out from the crowd due to multiple revenue streams under a single franchise fee. Talk about creativity in action. 

In a brushstroke of genius, Wine & Design realized a paint and sip concept that expanded beyond just canvas works would allow the brand to occupy a totally unique space within a competitive, niche segment. By establishing programs that focus on specifically alternative mediums, Wine & Design’s Design it Yourself, or D.I.Y., division gives studio owners access to substantial market share yet untapped by the competition, adding unprecedented value to its franchise opportunity. 

Wine & Design’s D.I.Y. division offers painting classes for any medium beyond your standard, 16-by-20-inch canvas. Whether it be home decor or the perfect homemade gift, the brand’s D.I.Y. classes cover the spectrum of creative activities, with some of its most popular items being chunky blankets, barn stars, wood pallets, wreaths, wine glasses… the list goes on.

Melody Buchanan, a Wine & Design franchisee in Snohomish, Washington, doesn’t consider herself as an artist in the classical sense—instead, she says, her creativity manifests itself in the form of perfectly executed Pinterest projects. Buchanan credits that creativity as her main motivation in pursuing business ownership with Wine & Design when she came across the brand watching Shark Tank in early 2018. After spending 15 years working in the insurance industry, Buchanan was ready to pursue a career that engaged her passion, and the opportunity on her TV screen delivered just that.

“D.I.Y. classes are something I focus on a lot because wood projects and stenciling really engage my creativity,” Buchanan said, noting the chunky blanket class is hugely popular at her studio. Because of her own experience, Buchanan said that she makes it a priority to utilize all of the brand’s divisions at her studio because of their collective ability to attract customers like her who may have not otherwise attended a Wine & Design class. 

Based on her aforementioned Pinterest prowess, it checks out that Wine & Design’s D.I.Y. division is one of personal importance to Buchanan, and she tries to hold at least two D.I.Y classes per week, on average. 

“Our guests love that we offer more than just painting-on-canvas parties. It helps me bring a lot of different people through our doors who are craving that variety. It also generates repeat business—I often have people attend a canvas class and D.I.Y. piques their interest in coming back.”

When reflecting on driving force behind the success she’s experienced with the D.I.Y. program at her studio in less than a year, Buchanan was emphatic.

“The community has received it so well because it’s something different,” she said. “Classes don’t require any prior experience. Over the course of a couple of hours, we help guests make this awesome creation that they get to take home with them. It’s fun, they sit and mingle—people say it’s therapeutic and gives them a sense of accomplishment. What’s a better feeling than that?”

Start-up costs for a Wine & Design franchise range from $69,950 to $221,200, including a $25,000 franchise fee. For more information about franchising with Wine & Design, visit https://wineanddesign.com/franchise.

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