Ink Free News: Lift for the 22 Partners with Warsaw WORKOUT ANYTIME
Ink Free News: Lift for the 22 Partners with Warsaw WORKOUT ANYTIME

Lift for the 22 is an organization focused on providing area veterans with a support system to help end the anxiety and depression that causes an average of 22 veterans to commit suicide a day.

WORKOUT ANYTIME in Warsaw has partnered with Lift For the 22 for the second year in a row in an attempt to help veterans who are struggling with anxiety and depression after their time of service. Lift For the 22 was founded by Carter Davis, a marine veteran, who found himself struggling with anxiety and depression after service.

According to Ink Free News, Lift For the 22 originally started as a social media movement with Davis simply using the hashtag #liftforthe22 to try and get veterans to go to the gym to feel the same type of release he did after working out. Months later, Davis was contacted by a WORKOUT ANYTIME in Portland, Oregon where he eventually met the fitness company's vice president who contacted the CEO to take the program to a larger scale.

The program helps to provide financial support to veterans to maintain health and wellness. “When you get out, your military experience and the college credits they give you for your training, it doesn’t transfer very well,” stated Davis. “You could have been an E5 in the military making $50,000 a year, and then you get out and you’re making $9.50 at Sonic trying to support your family and go to school.”

Applications to become a member of the program are available at Lift For the 22's website and applications can be completed at any time.

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