Workout Anytime is a Triple Threat
Workout Anytime is a Triple Threat

The fitness franchise has proved its staying power in a crowded workout landscape.

Workout Anytime is much more than a successful franchise brand; it’s a triple threat. With convenience, quality, and a top-notch business model, the Atlanta-based fitness franchise has proved its staying power, even against fitness franchise giants like Planet Fitness.

“Workout Anytime and Planet Fitness have proved that the value-priced fitness model is the future of the fitness business, and a very profitable option for franchising,” says Randy Trotter, vice president of development at Workout Anytime. “Once potential owners start considering the fitness industry and do their research, becoming a Workout Anytime franchisee is the clear choice.”

Workout Anytime offers potential franchise owners easy access to this space because of a lower price point and midsize locations. Unlike the competition (other similarly-sized, value-priced clubs such as Anytime Fitness and Snap), Workout Anytime consistently holds its own in markets with other fitness franchises, including those with a Planet Fitness.

“We stay competitive by focusing on what matters,” states Trotter. This includes careful site selection – a process that Workout Anytime handles from the beginning. “We often get as much as $150,000 in tenant allowance and up to 6 months’ worth of free rent for our new Franchise Partners,” shares Trotter. Workout Anytime focuses on convenience and easy access, which can be a hurdle for larger clubs that have to contend with higher rent and larger space requirements. This can push larger full-service gyms into less-than-desirable spots, or into congested “big box” locations. Workout Anytime focuses on neighborhood locations that are easily accessible and are centrally located in the surrounding community – and members appreciate it.

Members also enjoy Workout Anytime’s take on the value-priced fitness model. Unlike Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness’ model of around forty dollars a month with a two-year commitment, Workout Anytime offers memberships starting at fifteen dollars a month on a month-to-month agreement. This is a great selling point, not just for potential members, but for potential franchisees. The lower membership cost makes a straight comparison to other fitness clubs a simple choice – Workout Anytime is value-priced, and doesn’t have long-term, constrictive contracts. “At Workout Anytime, we don’t think our members need to pay for pools, or any amenity not used,” asserts Trotter.

Workout Anytime continues to expand, even filling in the gaps where other full service clubs have failed to succeed. Other fitness franchises have found themselves unable to compete with a big-box gym like Planet Fitness, and have closed down operations in several markets, leaving prime retail space available for Workout Anytime. With a business model that is built for success, Workout Anytime overcomes the issues of previous tenants and thrives in the local market.

The root of Workout Anytime’s success is that the facility excels at what members want – results. Workout Anytime locations are more than a room full of cardio machines. A combination of cardio, circuit training, free weights, and a new personal training program continually drive and encourage members to reach the results they want: losing weight, gaining muscle, and increasing overall health. There’s no Pizza Night or candy at the front desk… There’s only a team of dedicated fitness professionals that are committed to getting members where they want to be.

All of the above reasons – location, convenience, price point, and a focus on results – makes the Workout Anytime model incredibly desirable for members. “What’s good for members is good for franchisees,” says Trotter, as it provides multiple streams of income from both loyal members and new members looking to switch over to a fitness model that fits them. Owning a Workout Anytime franchise is so attractive that over 60% of franchisees own multiple clubs.

Workout Anytime continues to expand, with over 80 locations to date all over the United States, and even more coming in the near future. As the franchise continues to grow, it will continue to share markets with other value-priced fitness chains. But as it has already proven, the Workout Anytime model is uniquely suited to succeed, even flourish, under competition. As more Workout Anytime clubs open in new areas, the model will continue to prove itself by producing successful clubs for the chain’s franchise owners. To those who are considering a fitness franchise, Trotter offers this advice: “Simply, our model beats their model. Those who do their homework go with Workout Anytime.”


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