X.ai to Launch Virtual Personal Assistant in Fall
X.ai to Launch Virtual Personal Assistant in Fall

The AI program will be able to analyze and schedule a person's calendar

People’s work days are about to get a lot easier.
Artificial intelligence (AI) company X.ai has raised $23 million to fund development for its AI personal assistant technology. This new funding will be going to hiring more data scientists, improving customer’s acquisition and marketing to enterprise customers.
X.ai’s virtual assistant “Amy” will help organize a user’s calendar. But what makes the AI-powered assistant unique is that it can comprehend the context of the calendar event. “Amy” will be able to not only analyze the message, but the entire conversation thread, determine a time and place a meeting will work and put it on the calendar. X.ai has seen an increase in the number of meetings scheduled in a month with March up 28 percent from February. The company has raised $35 million for development so far and X.ai CEO and Founder Dennis Mortensen they are still working to fine tune the technology.
“It’s an ambitious goal of having an intelligent agent where you hand over the job and it comes back with the problem solved,” Mortensen told VentureBeat. “This financing will allow us to extend our exceptional data science team and will support the rollout of our pro and business editions later this year. And our pricing will reflect our commitment to democratizing the personal assistant.”