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Franchise Marketing Radio: Youth Athletes United Co-Founder and CEO Discusses New Brand Ambassador Program and Qualities Leading to Franchisee Success

Adam Geisler explains the “first sport experience” approach and impact of pro athlete endorsers.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 06/28/22

In a recent podcast for Franchise Marketing RadioAdam Geisler, co-founder and CEO of Youth Athletes United, discussed the mission of the YAU brands, the new professional athlete brand ambassador program and the mindset that leads to success for franchisees.

In the interview, Geisler explained how Youth Athletes United has become one of the largest youth sports franchises in the industry. Geisler and his team saw the opportunity for encouraging kids to be active, staying active themselves, and having a positive impact on today’s youth. 

The franchise was created with the idea of a family’s first sports experience and the lasting impact that sports can have on children as they grow up. At YAU, the focus is for each child is to have fun while also learning the fundamentals of a sport.

The introduction of a new brand ambassador program, featuring professional athletes such as Leylah Fernandez, Trinity Rodman, Danny Guise and Ben Grieve, was in response to the need for education of both parents and children. 

“The thread between all of them is they all played multiple sports,” Geisler said. “They all had different journeys that led them to discover what their success point is. And by continuing to tell their stories about how they found the sport that is important to them, and how they all took similar paths to what we present, that’s the education we want to give back to the parents.”

Geisler goes on to discuss the ideal Youth Athletes United franchisee. Geisler says one quality that ties YAU franchisees together across all of their brands is that they care about children. From parents involved in their own child’s sports experiences to physical or enrichment educators, they all believe that sports and education can empower and impact children. He adds that if franchisees are willing to get out there and put their heart into coaching, every one of them will be successful.

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